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Marathi books list-2

8177666169 Toxin  One evening, recently divorced surgeon Dr. Kim Reggis, takes Becky to a fast-food restaurant for a feast of burgers and fries, but tragedy strikes when the young girl falls ill.  She dies horrifically as a result of poisoning by E. coli Bacteria.
817766204x Contagion  This is a novel based on the medical background.  A very intelligent team of criminals who are also the class one in the field of science, their uncommon ways of crimes, a fight by an equally intelligent but virtuous man who is well aware that he is play Marathi
8177667947 Seizure  The brilliant scientist Daniel Lowell, who has developed the technique of cloning of the human cells and treating the patients with Parkinson disease using this technique and an ambitious Senator Mr. Butler, who fulfills his political causes by playing w Marathi
9788184980998 Crisis   When Dr. Craig Bowman is served with a summons for medical malpractice, he's shocked, enraged, and more than a little humiliated. A devoted physician who works continuously in the service of others, he endured grueling years of training and is now a par Marathi
9788184980295 Marker   The master of the medical thriller returns with his most heart-pounding tale yet.
Twenty-eight-year-old Sean McGillin is the picture of health, until he fractures his leg while in-line skating in New York City's Central Park. Within twenty-four hours o
8171617905 Not A Penny More Not A Penny Less  First novel written by world-famous writer Jeffery Archer. It is based on a true experience in his own life. He invested 10 lakh dollars in a Canadian Company. Later he came to know that the company was bogus and that he had lost all his money. He become Marathi
8177665987 Sons Of Fortune  There was a pin drop silence in the gyneacological department of the hospital.  A woman had delivered a baby who died immediately after birth and at the same time another woman had delivered twins who were enjoying their first glimpses of life.  When the Marathi
9788177669909 False Impression  " Why was an old woman killed brutally the night before 9/11?
" Why the successful banker of one of New York's topmost bank was not surprised when he received the left earlobe of a woman?
" Why was the topmost attorney working only on one case and that
The Fist of God Marathi
9788184980097 The Afghan  'One of the world's best thriller writers' - Wall Street Journal
When British and American intelligence catch wind a major A1 Qaeda operation in the works, they are primed for action but what can they do? They know nothing about the attack; the what, wh
9788184980035 The Simeon Chamber  For up and coming lawyer Sam Bogardus another day means mother case. But when he agrees to see Jennifer Davies little does he realise that his attractive new clients is to put his life at risk. Jennifer is tracing her father - her only clue being four sh Marathi
9788184980912 The Attorney  When Jonah Hale comes to Paul Madriani with a desperate problem, Paul knows his dream of a quite life in San Diego must go on hold. Jonah's granddaughter Amanda is missing, snatched by her drug addict mother with the help of the charismatic feminist lead Marathi
8177664719 First To Die  A detective thriller by James Patterson whose books have already established world records
Lindsey Boxer is a lady police inspector.  She is trapped in a trio of her personal problems, the responsibilities of social security and the newly found love.  
9788184981582 PYRAMID Marathi
8177668483 The Namesake  His life was full of accidents; it started with the accident to his father's train.
That accident bestowed the name Gogol upon him.  They could never know the name his great grandmother had selected for him.  Her letter was lost during the journey from 
9788177668339 Alive   12th October 1972. A rugby team of amateur players, their friends and relatives from Uruguay, South America,  leave for Argentina by an air force plane. The plane crashes at a high altitude while crossing the Andes. From the 45 passengers and crew, 13 d Marathi
9788177668919 The Kite Runner   Amir, a twelve year old boy decides to participate and win the local kite race just to get praised from his father.  His loyal friend Hasan promises to help him.  But something happens on the evening of the kite race changing the lives of both friends.  Marathi
9788184981797 A THOUSAND SPLENDID SONS A Thousand Splendid Suns is a breathtaking story set against the volatile events of Afghanistan’s last thirty years—from the Soviet invasion to the reign of the Taliban to the post-Taliban rebuilding—that puts the violence, fear, hope, and faith of this country in intimate, human terms. It is a tale of two generations of characters brought jarringly together by the tragic sweep of war, where personal lives—the struggle to survive, raise a family, find happiness—are inextricable from the history playing out around them. Marathi
9788184980363 Japanese Magnolia Marathi
9788184980981 Japanese Orchid Propelled by the same storytelling instinct that made The Kite Runner a beloved classic, A Thousand Splendid Suns is at once a remarkable chronicle of three decades of Afghan history and a deeply moving account of family and friendship. It is a striking, heart-wrenching novel of an unforgiving time, an unlikely friendship, and an indestructible love—a stunning accomplishment Marathi
9788184981434 AWA MARU : TITANIC OF JAPAN On the 1st of April 1945, a Japanese hospital ship that had been given "safe passage" by the Allies, in the dead of night, was mistaken for a military vessel and torpedoed by the American submarine "Queenfish". It sank within minutes taking almost all of the 2007 passengers to their watery graves. This is the gripping story of the Awa Maru, the little known "Titanic of Japan". Follow the journey of Kyoko Tanaka, whose parents and brother had been passengers on the Awa Maru as she set sail on her own voyage of discovery. She travels from Japan to Singapore in search of the truth and a "piece of her history" and makes poignant and touching discoveries of the lives of her parents and some of the other families as they prepared to board the Awa Maru. The lives of the doomed passengers of the Awa Maru and the events of that horrific night when they perished are all told in this book as never before. Marathi
8177667203 Five Point Someone  This is a 'national best seller' novel; very soon we will all see it in a picture form.
This novel has the background of IIT; yet do not think that it will guide you about the workings and admission procedures of IIT, or how to pull on yourself after g
9788184980813 One Night @ The Call Centre  "...pitch-perfect... keenly focused on nuances and detail ... one night @ the call center has struck a chord with India's young...'
Shashi Tharoor

In the winter of 2004, a winter met a young girl on an overnight train journey. To pass the time, she o
9788184980806 The Three Mistakes of My Life  In late 2000, a young boy in Ahmedabad, Govind, dreamt of owning a business. To accommodate his friends Ish and Omi's passion, they open a cricket shop. However, nothing comes easy in a turbulent city. To realise their goals, they will have to face it al Marathi
9788184980677 Cutting Free  Beginning with a privileged childhood in an elite family of pre-partition India, to a troubled youth in Pakistan, this is the inspiring story of Salma Ahmed - a woman who surmounted formidable odds to achieve extraordinary success in business and politic Marathi
9788177669459 No God In Sight  This is a bold novel; bold in all sense.  It is for the first time someone has absorbed the smallest feelings of a town and a Muslim mind.  The incidents in this novel have a speed.  Each and every incident is seen through the eyes of all the characters. Marathi
8177667181 Everything Happens For A Reason  Sometimes you think that you will get a particular thing in your life. And what if you are blessed with the same thing? Then? Say for example the type of life which you really want to lead... Priya marries a very handsome Indian settled in America. From  Marathi
8177664026 Saving Faith  This is a real life drama arising out of the strategies by the developing nations to gain monitory funds from America.  The main character of this drama is Faith, she has played many such strategies before, she possesses many secrets.  She seeks help fro Marathi
9788190779135 The Demon In The Freezer  About 25 years ago, small pox was eradicated from the earth, after the continuous efforts of thousands of dedicated scientists all over the world.  The Super Powers then preserved a few vials full of the viruses of chicken pox, for any future reference o Marathi
8177664603 On The Wings Of Eagles  "On Wings of Eagles' - is an acclaimed novel written by a renowned writer, Ken Follettt in English. This gripping novel is based on a true story that occured in 1978-79, in the middle east in Iran.
It was a volatile period in the history of Iran. There 
8177661426 Diary Of Ann Frank  This diary by Anne Frank is one of the most valuable literatures in the world.  You will not come across a single human being who has not shed tears while reading it.  Anne Frank was a victim of the torture camps for the evacuation of the Jews during the Marathi
817766333x Cheaper by the Dozon Marathi
8177663399 The Breadwinner (Marathi)  PARVANA felt the shadow before she saw it, as the man moved between her and the sun. Turning her head, she saw the dark turban that was the uniform of the Taliban. A rifle was slung across his chest as casually as her father's shoulder bag had been slung Marathi
8177667521 Parvana (Marathi)   PARVANA entered the little settlement, stepping carefully through the rubble. She peered into what was left of the one-room mud houses. Mattresses, rugs, cook-pots and tea cups were scattered everywhere.

Parvana recognized the run-for-your-life look.
8177667580 Shouziya (Marathi)        Marathi
8177662538 The God Of Small Things  The book was internationally felicitated by the 'Booker Award'.
The voice and echoes, the tears and the smiles, the calls and the answers coming out of the core of the earth are the soul of this novel, 'God Of Small Things'.  It is garnished with the in
8177666037 Ladies Coupe   This is a story of Akhilnandeshwari alias Akhila, a woman with her independent thoughts and ways, a woman who wants to find the real truth behind her life.
At the age of 45, she is still unmarried, working as a government servant. But, continuously sho
9788190779159 Beauty Queen  Ria.
She had a dream, right from the very beginning of life, a beautiful dream,
She wanted to be the 'Miss India Beauty', she wanted to wear the crowning glory!
Ria got the opportunity.  Her life was changed from the moment she stepped into that world
8171616739 Not Without My Daughter   'Now you will never step out of Iran.  You will have to live here for the rest of your life, understood?'
Betty Mahmoody and her husband Dr. Sayyad Bozorg Mahmoody (a real moody person) who were residing in America came to Iran to visit his relatives t
8177668247 To Sir With Love  Mr. Braithwaite, the new teacher.  He behaved very differently with the students in his class. He made them look down shamefully, realizing their mistakes.  He fought with them, sometimes he also wrestled with them.  Slowly, yet steadily he brought the l Marathi
9788184980257 The White Tiger  MEET BALRAM HALWAI,
the 'White Tiger': servant, philosopher, entrepreneur, murderer. Over the course of seven nights, by the scattered light of a preposterous chandelier, Balram tells his story...
Born in a village in the dark heart of India, the son o
9788177668278 Mi Sayuri  Chiyochan, born to a fisherman, an innocent girl of nine years, enjoying her childhood at the sea side. Her poor father sold her at that young age and she reaches the world of geisha.
A market where every single penny spent on the geisha is extracted ba
9788184980202 Mirage  Set in a closed desert kingdom in our own time, Mirage
tells the story of Sayeed, a good but unexceptional man. He finds, love with a woman who might have been beyond his reach, had not widowhood and misfortune brought her within it. The scene for Sayee
9788184980219 An Eye For An Eye  Sayeed never doubts the innocence of Latifa, the beautiful village girl he brought to the city as his wife. But there is no way he can save her from her fate.
Set in the desert kingdom he portrayed so vividly in Mirage, Bandula Chandraratna tells the tr
9788184980608 Ambigus loss    Frozen sadness this is what we have when we cannot really know what we have lost. And this is what Pauline Boss illuminates, and helps to ease, in Ambiguous Loss, an original and humane account of the ravages of uncertainty faced when we loss a loved o Marathi
9788184980585 Family  In Manju Kapur's emblematic new novel, the seemingly tranquilwofid of a joint family is coming apart. Banwari Lal, patriarch of a cloth business in the middle class New Delhi neighbourhood of Karol Bagh, is a believer in the old ways. Men work,; out of t Marathi
8177667483 Samrajya Burkhyamagche   11th September 2001- the eclipse to the light.
This was the day when two airplanes attacked the twin towers of the World Trade Center, in New York.  This caused panic not only in New York or the U.S.A. but also throughout the world.  All those who had g
8177665154 City of Bones  While wandering on the Hollywood Hills, a dog finds a bone, which brings into light a murder 20 years back.  A common case, without any feelings attached.  But, this case goes in the hands of detective Bosch awakening the sleeping memories of his childho Marathi
8177666991 Gandharvi   We can hear the 'sa' up to the depths of our larynx, the 're' up to the depth of our heart, 'ga' up to the depths of our belly, but we cannot hear it once it reaches the depths of our womb.  Then the heavenly voice changes into a fairy.  If a celestial  Marathi
8177663313 Devdas   Devdas is the story of immortal love by Sharatchandra (1876-1938), which was a best seller.  Though a very short novel, it contains all the characteristic features of the author.  His golden Midas touch gives life to all his characters.  Love-hatred, sa Marathi
9788177669671 Aalo Andhari   If you are just 13 years old, have just completed 7th standard and had to bid good bye to school, if you are tied up in a wedding knot with an illiterate, slow learner twice your age, if you are pregnant second time while your first baby is yet breast f Marathi
8177664492 Kabuliwalyachi Bangali Bayako  One well educated girl from a Bengali Brahmin family married a foreigner Muslim youth against the wishes of her family.  She went to visit her in-laws staying in a small village in Afghanistan with high hopes and faith.  Once she reached the village she  Marathi
8177665014 Blasphemy  As far as I was concerned, it was my husband who had killed my son.  He was the one who had tried to rape my daughter.  He was a parasite, he was Lucifer, gnawing the holy Koran.  He was the monster who dragged me towards darkness every night, clutching  Marathi
8177666576 Mayada Iraqchi Kanya  Mayada Al-Askari was born in a very powerful family of Iraq.  Her grandfather has fought bravely along with Lawrence of Arabia.  Her other grandfather is recognized as the first nationalist.  Mayada had no idea that her life will be changed drastically w Marathi
9788190734493 Spy Princess   An Indian princess, who is in the lineage of Tipu Sultan, participates in the Second World War, she spies for the British.  This brave and fierce tigress gets caught by the Germans, as a result of treachery.  Her future is clear; she suffers immense pai Marathi
8177664050 Tatwamasi  A gripping novel telling a tale of a young man who by chance goes to the forest on the banks of Narmada and gradually gets fascinated by the river, the tribals living there and the people working among the tribals. There are many happenings, mysteries an Marathi
9788177669442 Akshaypatra   The partition of the country in 1947, saw millions dead and an equal number of people who survived underwent a traumatic, harrowing experience. Most did not actually believe that the partition was actually going to take place and that they will be total Marathi
9788177669923 Born Confused  Dimple Lala is born in America but was of Indian lineage.  She is confused while trying to maintain the balance between her Indian parents and the surrounding American environment.  She is totally at lost while attempting this.  The more matured she beco Marathi
8177661175 The Company Of Women    Chaitanya Prem:  Every common man is fond of happiness, he longs for the experience.  At the peak of orgasm, he experiences this happiness, on a very minute scale.  There is no other way for a common man to come across such happiness, for him sex is th Marathi
9788190779173 Piece Of Cake  This is a debut novel by Swati Kaushal, on MBA from I. I. M, Kolkata, who has worked in Nestle India Ltd. and Nokia Phones, and is settled in the U.S.A
The Protaganist of "Piece of cake' is Minal Sharma, who works in the international Foods as an Associ
9788184980578 Heroine  Of The Desert  Described as a "Modern Day Saint', Donya - Al Nahi, originally a British woman, later married to a Muslim, she also embraced Islam after marriage. Separated from her first husband after the birth of her first son, she later married to an Iraqi, Mahmond a Marathi
9788184980769 The Diary Of Mary Berg    Mary Berg was only fifteen years old when she travelled to Loda along with her family, after the second world war was declared on 29th August 1939. When they reached there, The situation was chaotic and Germans had started bombarding the town. Like oth Marathi
9788184980004 Balmasa  This whole story has taken place within an hour on one morning. It is a true story of the author accompanying a lost baby whale and its journey to meet the baby's mother. The author Lynne was 70 years then. She talks to the baby without uttering a single Marathi
9788184980042 Shantidoot  Peace is wonderful; freedom is sagred
The cardinals are battling the blue jays, but an even more serious threat looms near in this debut fantasy novel for fans of WARRIORS and REDWALL.
The blue jay leader felt weak and unsure. He couldn't - just couldn
9788184980233 Slumdog Millionaire  A former tiffin boy from M:rmbai, Ram MohammCd Thomas, has just got twelve question' correct on a TV quiz show to win a cool one billion rupees. But he is brutally slung in a prison cell on suspicion of cheating. Because how can a kid from the slums know Marathi
9788184980196 Wasted  MarkJohnson's father had 'LOVE' tattooed across his left hand, but that didn't stop the beatings. The Johnson children would turn up to school battered and bruised, but no one ever thought of investigating their home life. Mark just slipped through the c Marathi
9788184980370 My Name is Salma   As contemporary as today's headlines, as timeless as love and hate - a young Muslim asylum-seeker in England runs from a brother who wants to kill her to save the family's honour
When Salma becomes pregnant before marriage in her small village in the L
9788184980592 Jamica Inn  The coachman tried to warnher away from the ruined, forbidding place on the rainswept Cornish coast. But young Mary Yellan chose instead to honor her mother's dying request that she join her frightened Aunt Patience and huge, hulking Uncle Joss Merlyn at Marathi
9788184981759 MY COUSIN RACHEL Du Maurier was a very popular writer during her lifetime, but after she cashed in her chips in 1989, many of her books have gone out of print. This 1951 story is told by young protagonist Philip Ashley, who is cast together with Rachel, his uncle's widow, whom he comes to suspect might have played a role in the man's demise. Is Philip next? Marathi
9788184980752 Adan & Eva  This is the story of Eva, a young Jewish girl of 12, growing up in Amsterdam. She lives with her beloved but absent father Isaac, and her wealthy stepmother Julia. She is lonely and awkward, and the void left by her mother’s death is not filled by the co Marathi
9788184980707 Shoot To Kill  Scott Graham was a formidable SAS soldier. He was decorated for his heroism in Northern Ireland and the Falklands, and he fought gum battles in which more than a dozen IRA terrorists were killed.
Mairead Farrell was petite, young, darkly beautiful and s
9788184980875 Amina    The moving story of a woman who challenges the restrictions of the life she is born into, and in so doing helps to bring about change for more than just herself. It illuminates issues which rarely appear in fiction but which structure the lives of mill Marathi
9788184980851 Anadi-Anant  This is the 8th novel by the author Aadya Rangacharya. This novel casts a light on the relationship between a man and a woman. Actually, nowhere in this novel he describes the intimate acts between a man and woman but merely suggests.  His style reflects Marathi
9788184980820 The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency    Wayward daughters. Missing husband. Philandering partners. Curious conmen. If you've got a problem, and no one else can help you, then pay a visit to Precious Ramotswe, Botswana's only - and finest - female private detective.
Her methods may not be co
9788184981803 BURNT SHADOWS Beginning on August 9, 1945, in Nagasaki, and ending in a prison cell in the US in 2002, as a man is waiting to be sent to Guantanamo Bay, Burnt Shadows is an epic narrative of love and betrayal. Marathi
8177665863 Octopusy   'M' cast a cold glance over the table.  For sure, it must be a very difficult task and as Bond was with the OO section, he was selected to accomplish it.  'You must finish this soldier who is firing from his hideout and that to before he succeeds in kil Marathi
8177667874 The Man With The  Golden Gun   James Bond who had been missing while on a mission comes back in a mysterious manner.  It is sure that he is brainwashed and has lost his mental balance.  After his return, he attacks his boss.  When he comes out of this situation he is given one last c Marathi
8177667858 The Spy Who Loved Me   'He was almost 6 feet in height, with a lean body, but looking perfectly healthy.  His face was elongated and was sun-tanned; his clear grey-blue eyes were suiting him perfectly well.  But his gaze was a cold one and very careful.  I could sense some cr Marathi
8177666231 For Your Eyes Only  She reached near the table.  Bond's eyes were fixed on her. 'No use', he muttered to himself. 'Why would she come to me?  Surely, she must be here to meet some of her friends.  A beautiful girl is always someone else's piece of cake.  Umm, what luck!'
8177667173 Casino Royale   Bond ordered 'Dry Martini, in the deep goblet of champagne with three quarters of Gordon, one quarter of vodka and half a portion filled with Kina Lilate. Stir it well with a cool mind, and lastly add a thin slice of lemon to it.  Have you understood?' Marathi
8177666134 Moonraker   Bond stopped abruptly, as if he had lost his senses while narrating the very peculiar story of this totally different man.
'M' replied, 'Yes, I remember those news headlines well.'
'Moonraker, the guarantee to peace!'  'Our own missile is almost ready
9788177668834 Diamonds Are Forever   Smuggling of diamonds is a  millions - probably billions - of  dollars business. Diamonds from mines in Africa are taken to London and from there to America by a well- entrenched chain of criminals.
James Bond, the famous under-cover agent is assigned 
9788177667866 Thunderball  The young girl observed him carefully, from top to bottom.  The young man with his grey-blue eyes was very rough and yet handsome.  He was wearing a yellowish shirt with a black silk tie.  He was appearing very cool in the intense heat.
'Your good name?
9788177668223 You Only Live Twice  'M' wrote in the article in 'The Times', 'We have come to know that Commander Bond was killed in Japan while being on government duty. It seems that there is no chance of his being alive.'
Commander Bond, alias James Bond; the British Secret Agent, hand
8177668056 Live And Let Die   The notorious British pirate in the 17th century; Sir Henry Morgan-Bloody Morgan looted the golden coins from countries like Britain, France, Spain, and Netherlands.  These same coins were later seen in the hands of the poor Negros of America.  The Brit Marathi
817766767X Gold finger  James Bond 007; a personality whom we find to be very real, even today, ruling the world, a hero entertaining the beautiful ladies and at the same time killing the villains, a spy.
Bond is assigned with the task of finding the suspected 'Gold Finger'.  
9788177669978 On Her Majesty`s Secret Service  The Lansia Spider car with its hood folded down speedily passed him.  It brushed the bonnet of his car and the double exhaust pipe of the Lansia started fuming in his face.
A young girl with a gaudy scarf wrapped around her hair was driving the car.  Th
8177664794 From Russia With Love  Name:  James Bond; Height: 183 cms; Weight: 76 kg; Build: Medium; Eyes:  Blue; Hair:  Black; scars on right cheek and left shoulder, expert in gunmanship, excellent boxer, excellent in knife throwing; does not disguise, knows French and German languages  Marathi
9788177669466 Dr. No  Dr. No was a sadistic, cruel and psychic person. British Secret Agent, James Bond was hostage at his hands. Two of the secret service agents at Jamaica were vanished astonishingly. 'M' had sent James Bond to search these men. James Bond comes across some Marathi
9788184980530 SHANTARAM Marathi
9788184981056 GIRLS OF RIYADH Marathi
9788184981025 ONE SHOT Marathi
9788184981919 NOTHING TO LOSE The line between Hope and Despair was exactly that: a line, in the road, formed where one town's blacktop finished and the other's started. When Reacher crossed that line, it wasn't long before the whole town knew it. And wanted him  Marathi
9788184981421 ARUNACHI GOSHTA Marathi
9788184981414 THE BOY IN STRIPED PYJAMAS Marathi
9788184981872 THE MISSING ROSE This is the story of Diana a young woman whose desire for the approval and praise of others has made her let go of her own dreams and values. Her mother's deathbed confession that Diana has a twin sister calls her to a mysterious journey−a journey to a wondrous rose garden in Istanbul where she will be invited to converse with the roses. Marathi
9788184982077 ANKRAHIT SHUNYACHI BERIJ Marathi
9788184982114 CARRY ME DOWN A spare, piercing testimony to the bewilderment and resiliency of youth, Hyland's second novel filters the adult world through the distressed lens of adolescence, which makes every change look like a test of survival. Marathi
9788184981032 THE FAKIR Marathi
8177665197 Kabuliwala Ani Itar Katha   We do not know much about Ravindranath Tagore as a writer, but his writing is a treasure of not only the Bengali literature but of the Indian literature too. His story rises from the soil of motherland, it has the fragrance of the motherland, it is alwa Marathi
9788177668964 Postmaster Ani Itar Katha  Translated by Mrinalini Gadkari.
This life is a harmonious braid woven together with the beautiful feelings of human beings. Nature is always in accordance with it. Ravindranath's literature holds a special place for human beings and nature. In his stor
9788184981193 NASHTNEED Marathi
8177662597 Raavipar Serious, poignant in some; funny and ironic in others - Gulzar's stories bring out his sincerity and sensitivity he is identified with. Refreshingly simple in presentation, each one of them paints a clear picture in the minds of the reader - as vivid as a scene from one of his films. Marathi
8177667963 Sanvedana  Sanvedana is the collection of translated short stories ( Laghutam katha ) from Hindi. Original Author of these stories is Do. 'Kamal Chopra. He is from Delhi. He is a doctor by profession. The stories incorporated in 'Sanvedana' are short by lenght, app Marathi
9788177668209 Spot Light Marathi
9788177669893 Tridhara  'Tridhara' is the collection of selected stories of 3 contemporary writers of Hindi literature. All of them are famous, popular & renowned writers. They are Mr. Mohnalal Gupta from Jodhpur - Rajasthan, Dr. Sarala Agarwal from Kota - Rajasthan & Dr. Kamal Marathi
9788184980462 Andhali Koshimbir  By now you have entered one such space, right here with me, and we can't even see each other...and it is in such a secluded spot... that secrets are exchanged. Here, a scream is only as loud as a whisper. There's no one to stifle your response, no one to Marathi
9788184980653 Cat O Nine Tales  Cat O' Nine Tales is the fifth collection of irresistible short stories from the master storyteller. These yarns are ingeniously plotted, with richly drawn characters and deliciously unexpected conclusions, and with the added bonus of illustrations by th Marathi
9788184981858 BHAVKALLOL Marathi
9788184980943 Kurukshetranantar  Mahabharata, the inevitable part of Indian life and culture. It is an epic. It has many qualities. It describes all type of mentalities. It is said that whatever is present in the world outside is already described in this epic, and whatever is not there Marathi
8177667696 Mrutyu Mazya Umbarthyashi  The death has a warrant in its hands, whose name is at the top today? Death, the eternal truth, the fact which is breath-taking, sad, gloomy. Everyone looks at death from a different aspect. Some consider it to be the end of life, and for some it is begi Marathi
8177664409 Speed Post  The relation between a mother and her children is the most primitive one, they are tied together tightly through the umbilical cord and through their minds as well.
This new era has given a different depth to the relation between a mother and her childr
9788177668681 Turungatil Savlya  These stories are totally different than what we read usually.  These are the stories of mothers and their offsprings, which are imprisoned.  These are the stories of their anguish and their agonies.
The author has personally visited many of the jails 
9788177668537 Mahabhartatil Matruvandana    A glance at the female characters in Mahabharata is enough to point out the hero of the epic. All these mothers have undergone such emotional trauma, over and over again, Maharishi Vyas also could not give justice to their sufferings. No one else has s Marathi
9788177668544 Mahabhartatil Pitruvandna   The history of Mahabharata is like a myth yet it is a story of a royal family. If we try to consider it as a story, then it appears to be an epic, and when we apply the rules of epic to it, it appears to be an apprehensive judgment.
This epic may appea
9788190734448 Adamya Jidda  This book is a collection of the speeches and discussions by Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam at different functions and programmes.
They all reveal the bright image of his journey from the coast Rameshwar to the Rashtrapati Bhavan. This book reflects his vision t
9788184980318 It Happened In India  It is an autobiography of one of the most enterprising entrepreneurs of India - Kishor Biyani. His sheer grit and perseverence ins the field of retailing business have proved his meteoric rise from an ordinary "Baniya' to "King of the Retailing' in India Marathi
9788184980899 Schindler's List  A stunning novel based on the true story of how German war profiteer and prison camp Direktor Oskar Schindler came to save more Jews from the gas chambers than any other, single person during World War II.
In this milestone of Holocaust literature, Thom
9788184980882 Enslaved   "This timely book should remind us all that the struggle for human rights has to be fought in every generation.' Tony Benn

They may be largely invisible to us, but living in our midst are thousands of slaves. Two hundred years after Wilberforce fough
9788184981001 CIRCLE OF LIGHT Marathi
9788184981094 SLUMGIRL DREAMING Marathi
9788184981100 THE ROAD OF LOST INNOCENCE Marathi
9788184980745 Iranmadhun Sutaka   Born into the wealthy, westernized elite of the Shah's Iran, Sousan Azadi grew up in luxury. In her privileged circles the thunder of approaching revolution was easy to ignore. Then the Shah fell and in the terrifying new fundamentalist regime of Ayatol Marathi
9788184981940 INSIDE THE GAS CHAMBER This is a unique, eye-witness account of everyday life right at the heart of the Nazi extermination machine. Marathi
9788184981902 I LOST MY LOVE IN BAGDAD In 2005, at the age of 25, Hastings was sent by Newsweek to cover the war in Iraq. Eventually, his girlfriend, Andi Parhamovich, joined him, working for the National Democratic Institute to try to create democratic institutions. The story of their moving and ultimately tragic relationship forms the core of Hasting’s account. The book begins and ends with the horrifying terror attack that killed Parhamovich. Marathi
9788184982053 THE PRIVATE PAPERS OF EASTERN JEWEL Based on the life of a Qing dynasty princess, this engrossing debut gives the rebellious Eastern Jewel a sensuous, unsentimental voice that draws admiration despite remorseless selfishness. In 1914 Manchuria, the curious, headstrong eight-year-old is sent to live with her father's blood brother Kawashima, who adopts her and renames her Yoshiko. She settles into her new life as a second-tier family member, at odds with the stepmother she secretly longs to please. Precocious, rebellious and beautiful, Yoshiko loses her virginity to her adopted grandfather at 15 and is seduced by her adopted father a year later; her further sexual adventures eventually leave her sterile. Inevitably, Kawashima marries her off, to a Mongolian prince. Unhappy in Mongolia, Yoshiko escapes to Tokyo, where she becomes a professional mistress, and then to Shanghai. As Japan and China tumble into war, one of Yoshiko's new lovers recruits her as a spy; American reporter Jack Stone soon arrives to further complicate matters of loyalty and righteousness. This lush, challenging portrait of a woman who dared to make her own choices—bad though they were—in terrible, oppressive times also makes a steamy historical beach read. Marathi
9788184982367 THREE CUPS OF TEA Greg Mortenson, and journalist David Oliver Relin, recount the journey that led Mortenson from a failed 1993 attempt to climb Pakistan’s K2, the world’s second highest mountain, to successfully establish schools in some of the most remote regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan. By replacing guns with pencils, rhetoric with reading, Mortenson combines his unique background with his intimate knowledge of the third-world to promote peace with books, not bombs, and successfully bring education and hope to remote communities in central Asia. Three Cups of Tea is at once an unforgettable adventure and the inspiring true story of how one man really is changing the world—one school at a time. Marathi
8177664344 The Joy of Cancer  However controversial it may sound, it is a fact that when death had already appeared at my door step to pick me up, I really realised the meaning of life.
When it was detected that Anup Kumar has cancer, it was actually in the final stage.  Doctor als
9788177668414 Sex Worker  Why the path of life is so zigzagged and thorny for someone born as a woman?  This is a true autobiography which gives us the experience of 'truth is stranger than fiction'.  This autobiography is unique as it is not written by anyone who is famous or wh Marathi
9788184980127 Its Not About the Bike  Lance Armstrong was the first American to win the famous "Tour De France' cycle race in 1999 and then he won it seven times in a row. This becomes even more extraordinary because he achieved this after getting cured of a last stage cancer. His entire lif Marathi
9788184980059 In The Name Of Honour    Mukhtar Mai was gang-raped in June 2002, as revenge against the so-called crime by her brother.  When the Pakistan based journalist got this news, they brought exposed this story of Mukhtar Mai.  According to the customs, she was supposed to commit sui Marathi
9788184980080 Mera Pariwar      Natasha was every inch a common girl, raised in an orphanage, a citizen of Russia, but she was felicitated with the award, 'Certificate of Honour'.
Her journey started out of the love and concern she had for the other orphans like her.  After marria
9788184980646 Mi Aneeta Raskesh Sangatey...  Why does it happen? You love somebody with all your soul and that somebody just leaves you in annoyance. Why?? You expect love from those who are near to you, closer to you and they simply leave your side, like a breeze touching you for an instant... Why Marathi
9788184980868 A Woman's Courage   In retrospect,  I can  see I was the perfect candidate for child abuse. My parents had divorced and my mother didn't show me much love. Her self- imposed isolation kept me away from other children. My abuser had nobody in his way.'

Please Let It Stop
9788184980660 My Family Is All I Have   The extraordinary true story of how one British women was trapped in Eastern Europe for fifty years, first by the Nazis and then by Communism, but never stopped trying to get back home...
HELEN-ALICE DEAR was only fifteen when she left London to visit 
9788184980950 Catch Me If You Can    Now a major motion picture from DreamWorks
Pictures starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks
and directed by Steven Spielberg, CATCH ME IF YOU
CAN is the uproarious bestselling true story of one
of the world's most sought-after con men.
Frank Abag
9788184980929 Man Interrupted  James Bailey suffered from a bizarre and debilitating form of obsessivecompulsive disorder (OCD). He was acutely anxious about mind-altering drugs getting into his system and warping his behaviour. Paranoid questions would routinely plague him. Were peop Marathi
9788184982060 SHAME Jasvinder saw it all to much in her everyday life, abuse, murder in the name of honour, and families turning their backs on one another just to save face. When she ran away around the age of 15 it became personal. Marathi
9788184982343 A RUSSIAN DIARY Politkovskaya was murdered in her apartment shortly after completing her book. Written in a diary form, beginning with parliamentary elections in December 2003 and ending in August 2005, the book chronicles the incompetence, corruption, and scandal rampant throughout the Russian government under President Vladimir Putin's leadership, from the war in Chechnya and the abandonment of Russian soldiers to the massacre of innocents in the Beslan school siege. Marathi
8177667017 Struglers This is the story of how one Asian woman cut her ties with abusive tradition and became a voice for those afraid to use their own. Marathi
9788177669268 Mohtaramma Te Amma  The beautiful has been made ugly since 1947, the year of our independence. Very strange! But it's a fact!
The writer blames the terrorists, the fanatics there, the Central and the State Government, their dirty, selfish politics and all the political le
9788184980417 Tyanchya Sindromchee  Katha  This is a true story.  It describes the G. B. Syndrome in detail. This syndrome has attacked the Bhagwat family twice, first the mother of the family and then the son of the family. The daughter-in-law of the family has described the signs of the syndrom Marathi
8177661795 Chakachi Khurchee  She was a girl of 14 may be 15 years, like all others of her age, busy in playing, dancing around, enjoying her life, full of joy and enthusiasm.  One day, without any signal, falls sick with the back pain and is stuck to the wheel chair as a paraplegic  Marathi
8177666584 Khali Jamin Var Aakash  He was born in an orphanage, was brought up in a remand home. He had no relations, no father, no mother, no caste, no religion, no culture, and no ancestry, nothing to claim him.  He had no traditional markings to prove his being into existence.  He was  Marathi
8177667270 Jihad  What is Jihaad?  Jihaad is testing our very being for the sole purpose of some aim, whole heartedly, with our will and soul.
Jihaad is not just a war for religion.  Every single person who is totally involved in himself, in the excitement of his own goa
9788177669510 Bhogale Je Dukkh Tyala  My existence was denied not after I was born, on the contrary it was denied before I was born.  I was neglected throughout. I was cursed with many words, often, always.  I was hold responsible for the things which I had not done, in which I was not invol Marathi
9788177669626 Barbala  I never thought of myself as a prostitute.  There was a corner in my mind, where I had installed my own image, which was very pure, untouched.  It was the image of an artist.  I always wanted to cherish it, take care of it.  Was it possible?  Outwardly,  Marathi
9788177669688 Mi Bharun Pawale Ahe   I was with Dalwai for 19 years.  I could not understand him well during this period of time.  There was no time for this.  I had so many things to look after, to take care of; my family, my kids, my job!  I was deeply involved in all this.  What else wa Marathi
9788184980110 Vimukti  If you really care a bit about justice then do not indulge yourself in vain discussions or do not even sit ideally.  Someone somewhere has to start the contest against the evil practices.  Once the war starts then naturally there are going to be blows an Marathi
9788184981285 MANA SARJANA Marathi
9788184981568 GO KISS THE WORLD Marathi
9788184980974 Cold Steel    In 2006 the world's two largest steel producers went head to head in a bitter struggle for market domination, an epic corporate battle that sent shockwaves through the political corridors of Europe, excited the world's financial markets and transformed Marathi
9788184981573 PANGALICHYA AATHVANI Marathi
9788184981810 THE DIVING BELL & THE BUTTERFLY In December of 1995, Jean-Dominique Bauby, 43 year old editor in chief of Elle magazine in France, suffered a stroke which severely damaged his brain stem. After several weeks in a coma, he woke to find that he was one of the rare victims of a condition called "locked-in syndrome" or LIS, which had left his mind functioning but his body almost completely paralyzed. In a perverse sense he actually got fairly lucky because, unlike most victims, he was still able to move one eyelid. This allowed him to work out, with a speech therapist, a system of communication which entailed winking as someone slowly read through the alphabet. By using this code, he could painstakingly spell out words, sentences, paragraphs and, finally, this memoir. Marathi
9788184982107 SEARCHING FOR DADDY Christine's childhood was desperately unhappy. She was given up for adoption by her mother when she was still a baby and placed in an orphanage. That was where her adoptive parents found her. But adoption was not a happy ending, it was just the start of a new nightmare for little Christine. Marathi
9788184982022 ANANDACHE PASSBOOK Marathi
9788177668001 Chicken Soup For The Soul  Two of America's best-loved inspirational speakers Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen share the very best of their collected stories that have touched the hearts of millions of people. They bring you wit and wisdom, hope and empowerment to cheer you up Marathi
Chicken Soup For The Soul - Part 2 Marathi
Chicken Soup For The Soul - Part 3  Two of America's best-loved inspirational speakers Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen share the very best of their collected stories that have touched the hearts of millions of people. They bring you wit and wisdom, hope and empowerment to cheer you up Marathi
9788177668018 Chicken Soup For The Womans Soul Marathi
Chicken Soup For The Soul At  Work     Marathi
9788184980615 Chicken Soup For The Mothers Soul Marathi
9788184980622 Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul Marathi
9788184981971 Chicken Soup For The Soul - Part 4  Two of America's best-loved inspirational speakers Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen share the very best of their collected stories that have touched the hearts of millions of people. They bring you wit and wisdom, hope and empowerment to cheer you up Marathi
9788184981988 Chicken Soup For The Soul - Part 5  Two of America's best-loved inspirational speakers Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen share the very best of their collected stories that have touched the hearts of millions of people. They bring you wit and wisdom, hope and empowerment to cheer you up Marathi
9788184981995 CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE PARENTS SOUL Certain to appeal to all parents-whether you're expecting or raising your first children, in-the-trenches veterans or empty-nesters- this delightful Chicken Soup book offers a collection of inspiring and entertaining stories that relate to the triumphs, tribulations, challenges and joys of raising a family. Chapters include: The Joys of Parenting; A Mother's Love; A Father's Love; Special Connections; Special Moments; Insights and Lessons; Overcoming Obstacles; Surviving Loss; Across The Generations; and Letting Go. Marathi
9788184981155 A BETTER INDIA A BETTER WORLD Built on Narayana Murthy’s lectures delivered around the world, A Better India: A Better World is a manifesto for the youth, the architects of the future, and a compelling argument for why a better India holds the key to a better world. Marathi
8177665634 Nath Ha Maza  He had such blue penetrating eyes; and a smile as innocent as a child.  His face was extremely expressive.  Were these the qualities which had made me crazy about him? Oh no!  Then what was it?  Why was I so crazy about him?  There were many handsome men Marathi
8177662791 Business Legends  G. D. Birla, Walchand Hirachand Doshi, Kasturbhai Lalbhai and J. R. D. Tata are the living legends of India.  Their lives are full of controversies; yet they have used every opportunity skillfully to prove their capability. 
This book presents the biog
8177661256 Business Maharaje  Ambitious Ambani with his multi dimensional personality; Rahul Bajaj, conquering the heights in the field of Scooter production; Ramprasad Goenka acquiring many companies one after the other; B. M. Khaitan with his huge empire of tea-gardens; Bharat and  Marathi
J R D Ek Chaturastra Manus  J. R. D. Tata is the first to be felicitated with the highest award, 'Bharat Ratna'; and he is the only industrialist upon whom this honour has been bestowed.
He has always preferred the welfare of the country in comparison with personal welfare.  He al
9788177669312 Keynote - J.R.D.Tata  The famous personality; J. R. D. Tata.  He has ruled the Indian industry for more than 50 years.  He is the leader of the leading and biggest industry, Tata Groups. This book is the collection of some of his exclusive speeches, his presidential speeches  Marathi
8177666908 Paramveerchakra (Rananganavaril Aple Mahan Yoddhe)  ‘Paramveer’ - Our Heroes in Battle is a book written by Major General Ian Cardozo, in English. Many famous military personnel, like Sir Winston Churchill, after retiring from active military services have written about the account of wars they fought, ba Marathi
9788177668285 Vapu  Bapu, if I try to have a balance sheet of my life, I am sure, the immense happiness given by you and mom will be credited to it.  There will be hardly anything on the debit side. 
Our glass of water was always full; you never allowed it to be half fill
8177661183 Wadal Matha  20th  November 1962, Yashwantrao Chavan reached Delhi to take charge as the Defence Minister of India.
Marathi people bid him goodbye saying, the Sahyadri is going to protect the Himalayas. 
After reaching Delhi, this Mountain Sahyadri had to face man
8177668445 Bharatiya Sahitytik  If we want to maintain our position in this globalization, then we have to take specific care of our language, culture and literature.  Otherwise, we will not be able to have individual existence in this world.  Today, our literature is aiming at acquiri Marathi
8177663607 Bhartiy Swatnatrayaladhyatil Stirya  The work the women undertook during the freedom fight was a bit extended form of their usual work.  But a few of these women were not satisfied with it, they threw off the limits of the traditions and stood against the secondary position offered to them. Marathi
8177663909 Swapnakdun Sattyakade…Kalpna Chawla    The present book 'A tale of Kalpana Chawla' has been printed 6 editions so far which shows the popularity of the book as well as of the writer.
Bringing our dream into reality is not at all that easy. If requires a lot of perseverance courage and most
8177664077 Yoddha Shastradnya Rashtrapati A.P.J. Abdul Kalam  I remember the day when Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam was nominated for the Presidentship.  All over the country, this decision was more than welcomed.  The idea of a famous scientist, researcher being the President was very thrilling.  He was in the lineage  Marathi
9788177668674 Antaralveer Sunita Williams  Sunita Williams stayed in the space for 6 months; she had attracted attention of many during this stay of 6 months.  She has a world record of spacewalk of 29 hours and 17 minutes; she is first female astronaut to have such record.
This is the story of 
8177664301 Thought Leaders  What is there in this book 'Thought Leaders?'  It expresses tremendous necessity of bringing new ideas into real life, accepting challenges, becoming free and autonomous, and increasing the standard of living.  This book presents the graph of 22 of India Marathi
8177663895 Maratheshahitil Manswini  Through this book, Dr. Deshpande has tried to bring in light some of the great, capable and competent women from the 'Maratheshahi'.  He has researched the old historical documents mainly the letters written then; to cast a light on the truth.  All these Marathi
8177665650 Chhatrapati Rajashri Shahu Maharaj  Nobody would dare to exclude the name of Shahu Maharaj from the list of the great historically famous personalities.  He was the leader of common man.  He was a great national figure who tried and succeeded in giving the human fundamental rights for equa Marathi
8177663739 Mother Terresa Pratimechya Palikade  Mother Teresa is a perfect personality of this 20th century.  She followed all her tasks with 100 % commitment. She followed all her intuitions whole heartedly, and fearlessly. 
Ann Seba, is originally a Jew author. She has penned down Mother's profile
8177663070 Selective Memory  Shobha De.  This name is a very famous one.  People know her by many names and relations.  A super model, celebrity journalist, a famous author with many best sellers, a very close friend, a rival, a colleague, a dear one with whom all the secrets can be Marathi
8177663593 Deo Jo Bhuvari Chalila: Saibaba   Who was Sai Baba?  From where did he come?  What was his message?  How come thousands of people started following and worshipping him while considering him to be divine?  Who were his disciples?  How were they attracted towards him?  What do his devotee Marathi
8177664948 Indira  The early morning hours of 31st October 1984; she was strolling through her gardens with a smile on her face.
Her both hands joined in a 'namaste.
Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her own body guards.  Her death was similar to her life.  Though surrou
9788177669367 Amargeet : Baba Amte Yancha Jeevancharitra   Murlidhar Devidas Aamte was born to a rich landlord.  He was basically of very aggressive and revolutionary nature.  He wanted to live his life fully.  But very soon he realised the fact that his life was not for his own happiness.  It was for others, o Marathi
8177664891 Aadhunik Bhartache Preshit Swami Vivekanand  The very mention of his name takes us to divine, august, lofty heights.  A close observation of his life brings us more close to the Indian culture, its moral abode, its life system.  His message of forbearance is the real presentation of his knowledge a Marathi
8177665030 Timepass  I broke each and every rule so carefully crafted by the society.  I did not believe in any binding.  I did everything that I wanted to do as a person and I did it wholeheartedly.  I did not give a damn to what people said.  I purposely and proudly displa Marathi
8177666673 Living Histroy  I know the life of a woman, how hectic it is, how demanding it is.  Every day a woman has to blend various tasks and duties together, various demands, options, decisions; it is really a very difficult task.  We women are always living with guilt, we are  Marathi
9788184980288 Navbharatache Shilpakar(Men of Steel)    Generally, it is the business journalist who writes the autography of the businessman.  These journalists generally end up asking the proportion of the expenditure and profit, or their yearly turnover.  Very rarely, the true businessman is revealed thr Marathi
9788177668933 Tukayachi Avali  When the real meaning clicked in her mind, Aawali was shocked.  She saw the 'tal and chipali' without their owner, where is he?  She screamed at the top of her voice, 'dhani', 'dhani', saying so, she collapsed on the place where he used to sit every day. Marathi
9788184981087 THEMBAR PANI ANANT AAKASH Marathi
9788190757423 Nobel Lalana  Nobel Prize, the highest Civilian Award in the world, has been awarded every year, since 1901, for the outstanding achievements in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and for peace. The Nobel Prize is an international award, administer Marathi
9788184981773 AADIPARV Marathi
8177663259 Aapan Aapale Tantanav - Ek Chintan  A book depicting our present-day stressful life and suggesting some simple ways of reducing strain and leading a more relaxed life. An independant book.
Gist of the book - Our lives are getting more stressful, hectic, full of tensions everday. May be o
9788190757430 Hitguj - Tanavyugatil Tarun Pidhishi    The book is written for the young adults of today's middle and upper middle class; which includes grown-up children from the age of 15 - 16, to the so-called middle aged but very active, young people around 50 years. These days people in these age grou Marathi
8177665707 Chala Utha Kamala Laga  There are many useful hints and revealing examples on almost every page of the book, it is difficult to give a gist of the book. Instead, here are the main points in each Chapter.
You should first find out the reasons why there are failures, search your
8177662856 Niramay Yashasathi Dhyan  Our rich and varied culture has bestowed us with the meditation power and yog vidya.  Meditation is very much essential for our spiritual awakening and uplifting of our soul.  Usually, it is believed that meditation is the way of penance while reaching t Marathi
8177662554 Manavar Vijay  Will it be possible to conquer our own life?
Is there any key for conquering over our future?
Gautam Buddha says, 'What we are today, is all because of own thinking!'
It is really crystal clear that our thoughts build our future.  This makes it very e
8177663224 Chintamukta Jeevan  We nourish our body with regular doses of proteins, vitamins and other nutritious food items.  Likewise, our mind also needs nourishment for remaining enthusiastic and creative. 
This book uncovers various simple remedies to overcome all your tensions,
8171615988 Yashacha Kanamantra   In this book, the author discusses the various aspects concerned with being successful.
He says, 'once you find the magic lamp of confidence then you surely will achieve every single thing set in your mind.  You just have to think about the thing and i
8177661329 Atmvishwasacha Kanmantra   It is an established belief that only the highly intelligent and those who score very good marks in examinations; have a very bright future.  But the author believes that this is a real misconception. 
On the contrary, he says that everyone has intell
817766056x Uttam Smruticha Kanmantra   Very few people are blessed with a sharp memory.  They remember the lessons and poems from their childhood; they remember the minutest details like figures, names, numbers or such other things.  Do you envy such people?  Do you not wish to have an equal Marathi
8177664735 Aplya Mulanchya Yashswitecha Kanmantra  Parenting is becoming more complicated with every generation.  People around us are ever ready to guide us about how to bring about the children, naturally from their days as parents.  But actually speaking the days then are always different from the day Marathi
8177666312 Palya Vyaktimatvacha Kanmantra  Each parent wants his/her child to be a very successful personality. Out of this wish parents push their children towards unhealthy competition in their early school days. This often is a route cause of children not understanding the meaning of competiti Marathi
8177667009 Pudhakar Ghya Prabhavi Vyaktimatvache Sutra     The title of the book is  'PUDHAKAR GHYA' which means 'TAKE INITATIVE'. There is no substitute for taking initiative. There may be substitute for Hard Work but there is really no substitute for INTIATIVE. Only hard work does not guarantee success and  Marathi
8177667939 Zatpat Vyaktimattavvikas : Swaparivartanache navin tantra  Everyone likes to be a Winner in this competitive world. People want name, fame, money or success quickly. Everyone is in a hurry. Everyone wants it instantly. For achieving success, one is required to acquire new skills & habits. Many people do not know Marathi
9788177668872 Char Shabd Dyave Ghyave  Unless you COMMUNICATE none of your talents will be noticed by others. The one who can connect through appropriate conversation is eligible for success. Elders stand for him. Colleagues co-operate with him. Relatives listen to him. Customers pour blessin Marathi
9788184981551 CHAR ZABARDAST FUNDE Marathi
8177665928 Mulanchya Samrudha Jeevanasathi  This is popular book which is having A to Z from before birth to 18 years. This is written by eminent Developmental Paediatrician DR.SUCHIT TAMBOLI.
This book gives information regarding physical, mental development of child, parenting, diet,  & calorie
8177660772 Mulanvarche Sanskar  My dear children,
Our life is a beautiful rainbow with all its colours woven together, presenting a harmonious picture before us.  To make it more beautiful we have to give it touches of our good conduct, thoughts, and soft feelings.  Our life should b
8177664174 Tumhi An Tumahci Mule  This book is a wonderful guide for all the parents dealing with their children in their day-to-day life.  It is very informative and explains clearly.
It guides us about the ways to behave with the children and also the grownups.  This book is like the 
8177664743 Sujan Palakatwa  We all know that education and rites play a very important role in the overall development of children. 
In today's world, as we are nearing the new century, our kids are facing more and more challenges.  It is the duty of parents and teachers to give 
8177666061 The Magic of Thinking Big  Always aim for high things and try to achieve more than that.  Millions of people have improved their lives after reading this book, 'The Magic of Thinking Big'.   Dr. Schwartz who is a leading expert in the field of 'Motivation'; will help you to increa Marathi
8177666592 Shantaten Kam Kara!  Do you feel the stress at work?
Do you find it very hard to finish the daily tasks?
Then this book is just the right one for you.
The main aim of the book is not just to discuss your problems but to provide you with solutions for the same.
The autho
9788177668438 Sundar Man   We spend a lot on looking good, attractive, and presentable.  We do not hesitate to spend on our clothing, cosmetics, diet and exercise too.
But we totally ignore the most attractive thing, which actually does not cost us a single penny.  It does not e
9788177669435 The Mind Gym    'Mindgym' translation in marathi 'Manachi Vyayamshala' by Shyam Bhurke.
In much of our lives, our mind operate on autopilot. Rather like the tourist who repeats the same worlds louder each time the local does not understand, we tend to continnue think
9788177669824 Dhirubhaism  So much is written about this world famous Indian business tycoon!  He started from scrap in a very small village in Gujarat and created the vast empire of 'Reliance'.  There are no suitable words to describe his achievement. He was not very qualified in Marathi
9788184980271 Pratikultevar Mat  Today, we all see the vast empire of "Reliance' built by Dhirubhai Ambani.  We praise him for his good luck, for his efforts.  We must realize that while in the process of building this empire, he had suffered a lot.  He underwent tremendous pressure, co Marathi
9788190734462 Dabewala  Every business is run with the ups and downs.  Through the ups and downs some businesses succeed in making a name and place for them; while some become nobody.  The Company Chiefs try their best to cope up with the ups and downs; they try to make the fou Marathi
9788184981667 JAGPRASIDHA VHA Marathi
9788184981896 WOMAN ON TOP Woman on Top answers all your questions, deals with every issue youve ever had to grapple with and makes you laugh along the way. It is the one book every working woman will want to keep in her handbag. Marathi
9788177669435 Hrudayvikar Nivaran  (The Indian version of Dr. Dean Arnish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease)
Heart Attack is considered as the knocking by the 'Yamadoot', and in a way it is true. The number of people dying because of heart attack is more than the number of people dyi
8177667068 Chalishinantarchi Vatchal  'Forties' is a very important milestone in everybody's life.  Dr. Subhash reveals here the various important aspects related to this age group.
The 'forties' are also responsible for many changes in our body, soul and mind.  He discusses this in detail 
9788184980684 Sukhad Balsangopan  Motherhood is the most beautiful natural manifestation of all. Yet, the most surprising part of it is those who have been blessed by being a mother do not seem to realise this, but those upon whom this blessing has not been conferred upon, realise is str Marathi
817766266X Sukhad Matrutwa   Every single female has an inner wish, she wants to be a mother someday.  She experiences the shining sun and the wonderful rainbow colours through her earlier days of marriage, the romantic mood leads to happiness; slowly the wish for a family starts m Marathi
8177665349 20 Minutes Tandurusteesathi  Keeping aside just 20 minutes every day for oneself is nothing actually.  The exercise during these 20 minutes every day will change your life completely.  Today, everyone's life is full of stress.  This stress makes it impossible for anybody to have a 1 Marathi
8177664433 Doctarankade Janyapurvi  This book describes the symptoms of more than 140 diseases in a very simple yet entertaining way.  It includes simple problems like cold, cough, allergy, bruising, infection, corn, the problem of hair falling, and covers the much feared snake bite, fract Marathi
8177666193 Bal Paricharya  Mrs. Patil asked me to go through her above mentioned book.  Out of curiosity, I agreed to do so.  I am very much impressed with the way she has described each and every chapter.
Actually, this topic of child nursing is very difficult to understand, bu
8177664107 Madhumeh Ek Avhan  Modern life has bestowed many benefits upon us, but it has cursed us in many ways.  Diabetes is one such curse.  It is very essential to control diabetes, not only personally but socially as well.  The percentage of diabetes is increasing day by day, glo Marathi
8177665308 Pani Eak Adbhoot Upcharpaddhati  Today's world is of science and technology.  Do we realize how far it is taking us from the nature?  For the simplest need as thirst we are relying more and more on cold drinks and keeping ourselves away from the most important drink- water. 
9788184980967 Ushna Jalopchar  Do you suffer from:
. Tension headaches from stress?
. Chronic backache from hours of desk-work?
. Sprains and strains from weekend sports?
. Injuries from accidents?
. Painful joints and muscles due to over-exertion, aging or inactivity?
Hot Water
8177662570 Bharatvaidyak  This book is a primary health guide in most simple language. 
It is a combination of the good things from the past as well as the modern knowledge.  The main core of this book is actually the modern medical science.  In addition, it has taken guideline
8177663771 Ekach Pela Shiwambucha Marathi
817161986X Aple Soundarya ani tyachi Niga Marathi
Reki Marathi
817766591X Aarogyasathi Yog  Yogashastra is a very important factor of Indian culture.
This book includes the main "yogasana' and "yogakriya' in detail.
Our body copes up properly and precisely if we practice yoga regularly and religiously.  Yoga makes us free from many problems.
817766607X Tanavmuktisathi Yogsadhana  Like the other book by the same author, this book is also designed to help all to come out of tensions.  The different ways described here will surely achieve the target of mental peace if practiced regularly and religiously.  It will bring your body and Marathi
8177666223 Vajan Kami Karnyasathi Yogsadhana  All the religions worldwide are based on some assumptions.  But yoga is the exception to this.  It does not assume anything.  It travels in a definite pattern and scientific manner.  You do not have to believe yoga.  You lead your normal life and practic Marathi
8177666045 Karyamagna Vyasta Lokansathi Yogsadhana  This book is an excellent guide for a healthy body.  Many people are so busy these days that they hardly find any time for themselves.  This book will show the simplest ways to keep fit and that too in a short period of time.
What is the secret of good 
9788177668384 Pathdukhi Ghalavanyasathi Yogsadhana  This book is specially designed for those who suffer from back ache due to various reasons such as cervical spondylitis, slip disc, sciatica prolapsed, intestinal problems or scoliosis.  This book explains all these problems and the various simple and na Marathi
9788177668360 Sarva Vayogatasathi Yogsadhana Ani Dnyandharana  If yoga is practiced precisely and regularly then it surely helps us to avoid many of the diseases, disorders and problems.  This book is especially designed for all the classes like children, youth, grownups, senior citizens and the pregnant ladies.  Th Marathi
9788177668377 Soundarya Ani Tarunya Tikavanyasathi Yogsadhana  What are the essential factors of being beautiful, young and calm?  You need to have a well figured body, fresh and smooth complexion, bright eyes full of life, healthy hair and the most important is the peace of mind.  This book reveals the yogic, vedic Marathi
9788184982015 FIT FOR 50+ FOR MEN Men in their fifties are becoming increasingly concerned about their declining flexibility, lack of energy and the risks a lack of exercise brings of suffering osteoporosis, type II diabetes, cancer and heart disease.Fit for 50+ is an exercise program suited to the middle-aged man. It includes aerobic, weight-bearing, strength training and stretch exercises. It is realistic, appropriate and a balanced exercise regimes.

9788184982015 FIT FOR 50+ FOR WOMEN Fit for 50+ is a unique beginner-friendly fitness program designed for women in middle-age.It includes aerobic, weight-bearing, strength training and pelvic floor exercises. It is realistic, appropriate and a balanced exercise regime.

9788177668315 Aids  Dr. Bavachkar works for the AIDS patients.  He has come across many touching experiences during the course of his work.  He has suffered with the agonizing pains of his patients many a times.  In this book, he shares his pains and agonies with us.  The e Marathi
9788177668988 Garbhasanskar  'Garbhasanskar' is actually code of conduct for a pregnant woman as described in 'Ayurveda'.
This book presents the author's guidelines about every minute aspect in a pregnant woman's life.  Dr. Borkar has studied this subject in details before putting 
9788184981735 ANNAPURAN Marathi
8177663267 Sabhet Kase Bolave Marathi
8177665456 Mantra Shrimanticha    'Mantra Shrimanticha'
'Mantra Shrimanticha' written by Shyam Bhurke 'How to be Rich'
The book provides key, 'How to become Rich' Manohar, School going student had strong desire to be wealthier. However his father prof. Buddhivant advised him to conc
9788184981889 THE STAR PRINCIPLE Star businesses are start-up companies that operate in high-growth areas and quickly become market leaders. In this essential business guide, acclaimed entrepreneur Richard Koch demonstrates the secrets behind riding star businesses to success. Information is provided both on how to establish a star business and on how to invest in and profit from existing companies that are bound for growth. Warnings on avoiding false starts is also included, along with a number of examples of how existing companies established themselves as industry leaders. Marathi
8177664697 Sharyati Spardha Khel  Man is very much fond of competitions.  All the competitors always try to overcome their opponents.  But for this, you need to have competency and skills.  These skills can be polished only in the limits of the rules and regulations of the concerned game Marathi
8177662244 Buddhibalacha Onama  Vasai, 14th Sept. 1987.
My Dear Mr. N.R.Vadnap,
I am writing this letter with a definite purpose.  I want to thank you for the wonderful book, 'Buddhibalacha Onama'.  I was always curious about chess.  But no one in my family was familiar with the game
8177661930 Susanghatita Mara  Respected Vadnap,
I went through both your manuscripts, 'Susanghatit Mara' and 'Chakave'.  I was very much impressed by them.  I am sure that both these books will be equally famous following the line of your previous books. 
The learners will be grea
8177663151 Chaturang (Buddhibalatil) Sapale  This book consists of 80 lessons in chess played by the grand masters, revealing their exciting check and checkmates, the game which was invented in India thousands of years before 'anna domini'.  This game consists of 32 characters and 64 checks, black  Marathi
8177663852 Buddhibalacha Shriganesha  This is a very easy explanation of the chess. 
When I read this book, many of my age old conceptions were answered automatically.   This book provides the information in an interesting way. It explains the various ways of playing this game.  It explain
8177663666 Buddhibal Shika Marathi
8177664018 Shivankala Ek Chand : Smocking  Smocking is a unique type of decorating your piece of cloth.  It gives an elegant look to a simply stitched item.  It adds to the beauty of the material making it more attractive.  This type of embroidery needs a checks or lines pattern.  These days, har Marathi
817766414  X Shivankala Ek Chand : Salwar Kameez  The book Shivankala Ek Chhand, Smocking; was hugely welcomed by all.  This gave a boost for bringing one more of the type into market, based on stitching dresses like salwar khamij, skirt blouse, evening gowns, etc.  This is based on the foreign titles ' Marathi
8177667297 Gowns Marathi
8177666088 Krosha Vinkam  The beautifully woven table cloths, mats, curtains, handkerchiefs, laces, always attract our mind.  If we are fond of knitting and crochet then automatically our mind starts thinking about the design, we start seeing it unfolding in front of our eyes.  C Marathi
8177666983 Lokariche Vinkam  Knitting with two needles is actually not a very easy task, but Ashatai has made it quite easy for the newcomers.  She has been knitting for the past 18 years.  She has tried to share her knowledge through this book with all of us. 
This book includes 
8177668353 Design Your Career  In today's world, the worst problem is unemployment.  This phase is not a temporary one; on the contrary it is going to end the era of 'service'.  Today's world is the most speedy one, on the top of it, we have to prove our abilities constantly, we are c Marathi
9788190734455 The Hungry Spirit  There is so much controversy in this world.  On one hand, one third of the total workers are without any work.  On the other hand, two third of the world trade is concentrated with only 500 of the companies all over the world.  These companies are answer Marathi
9788184980158 Kelyane Hota Aahe Re  Success, luck and destiny have always remained debatable subjects. We easily blame "luck' or "destiny' especially when we do not get success in spite of our sincere hard work. Question arises, Are people born "Lucky'? Are people destined for success? Doe Marathi
9788184980165 Vikrikaushalya Shika  "Taking Initiative' is a foundation of success. Especially when it comes to selling it is very critical. Without initiative nothing can be sold. Amature salesmen do take initiative but as soon as they get rejections from the customers they go into shell. Marathi
9788184980172 He Vayach Wede  Asta!  Teenage, adolescence, journey from childhood to adulthood!  The starting of attraction towards opposite sex!  A mind unable to distinguish between love and infatuation!  Curiosity, attraction, and anxiety!
An age teaching you to shoulder responsibility 
9788184980301 Why Men Dont Listen & Women Cant Read Maps   "Why men don't listen and women can't read maps' the title of this book written by Allan and Barbara Peace is itself self-introductory so there is no need to tell you about the theme of the book. But special feature of this book is the handling of theme Marathi
9788184980721 Arthachya Shodhat        Marathi
9788184980738 Prisoners Of Our Thoughts    Prisoners of Our Thoughts: Viktor Frankl's Principles for Discovering Meaning in Life and Work applies the therapeutic system of world-renown psychiatrist and philosopher, Dr. Viktor E. Frankl, to contemporary life and work situations. Learn how to bri Marathi
9788177668780 Bharatiya Samajvidnyan Kosh Khand 1 Akhand Kranti Te Urja  'Akhand Kranti Te Urja':  Finance or money is the base of a human life.  This first part gives weightage to this aspect in a human life.  Is casts light on the doctrines of economics and considers the basic concepts very sincerely.  Most of the articles  Marathi
9788177668797 Bharatiya Samajvidnyan Kosh Khand 2 Ekdevtawad Te Zino  'Ekdevatvavad Te Zeeno': Like the first part, this second part also mainly describes more about economy but along with that it shades light on some other topics too.  It introduces the work of many experts and thinkers.
The main entries in this part are
9788177668810 Bharatiya Samajvidnyan Kosh Khand 3 Zundshahi Te Yurocommunism  'Zundashahi Te Eurocummunism':  This third part is a mixture of various topics. It includes the articles on economics touching its various aspects such as profit, monitory funds, finance, capital, etc.  It also includes the articles on topics related to  Marathi
9788177668889 Bharatiya Samajvidnyan Kosh Khand 4 Raskin John Te Swaraj  The concepts like king, court, kingdom, etc. all came into practice with the feeling of proprietorship.  The main topic of this fourth part is political science.  Of course, topics from other areas are also included in this part, but mainly this part dea Marathi
9788177669152 Bharatiya Samajvidnyan Kosh Khand 5 Samyawadi Chalwal Te Dnyanache Samajsha  Person and society are the two sides of a coin whereas humanity is concerned. They are both related to each other harmoniously.  We cannot separate them from each other; on the contrary they complement each other.  The topics in this fifth part include t Marathi
8177667033 Ase Ghadale Sahastrak  Culture distinguishes humans apart from other animals. History of human culture is fascinating and educative as it allows us to look back and see what did we achieve in lst 2000 years. This book puts a lighton how as humans we made progress in various sc Marathi
8177664670 Chala Janun Gheouya Tanav Va Rag Marathi
8177666118 Chala Janun Gheouya Smaranshakti Kashi Vadhavavi? Marathi
8177664646 Chala  Janun Gheouya Feng Shui Marathi
8177664662 Chala Janun Gheouya Sukh Marathi
8177664778 Chala Janun Gheouya Reiki Marathi
8177666525 Chala Janun Gheouya Jyotishvidya Marathi
8177664689 Chala Janun Gheouya Tandurusti Marathi
8177664964 Chala Janun Gheouya Chalane Marathi
8177665286 Chala Janun Gheouya Yashacha Rahasya Marathi
8177666304 Chala Janun Gheouya Chakra Ani Nadi Marathi
8177666452 Chala  Janun Gheouya Kriyayog Marathi
8177666606 Chala  Janun Gheouya Acupressure Marathi
8177665472 Chala Janun Gheouya Rog Bare Karnari Panyachi Adbhut Shakti Marathi
8177665073 Chala Janun Gheouya Ankshastra Marathi
8177666126 Chala Janun Gheouya Yogavidya Marathi
8177665375 Chala Janun Gheouya Vastushastra Marathi
8177665529 Chala Janun Gheouya Ghudghedukhi Marathi
8177665979 Chala Janun Gheouya Hastasamudrika Marathi
9788177668506 Chala Janun Gheouya Parmarth Marathi
8177666215 Chala  Janun Gheouya Madhumeh Marathi
8177666266 Chala Janun Gheouya Adhyatmikata Marathi
8177666657 Chala  Janun Gheouya Kesanchi Niga Marathi
8177666533 Chala Janun Gheu ya ! Manovikas Marathi
8177667424 Chala  Janun Gheouya  Dokedukhi Marathi
9788177668391 Chala  Janun Gheouya Mantrasamarthya Marathi
9788177668490 Chala Janun Gheouya Dhyansadhana     Marathi
9788177668032 Chala Janun Gheouya Soundryache Rahasya Marathi
9788177668049 Chala Janun Gheouya Upayukta Kanmantra Marathi
9788177668650 Chala  Janun Gheouya Yashasvi Vivahacha Kanmantra Marathi
9788177668667 Chala  Janun Gheouya Samvad Sadha Nati Bandha Marathi
9788190757409 Chala  Janun Gheouya Jagruk Palakattav Marathi
9788190757416 Chala  Janun Gheouya Tanavmukta Vha, Anandi Raha Marathi
9788184981476 CHALA JANUN GHEUYA : PRARTHANA Marathi
8177666541 Amrutas Mehendi Designs Bridal & Arabic                               ( ENGLISH,GUJRATHI,MARATHI LANGUAGE)     Marathi
8177663836 Gramin Bolicha Shabadakosh  Words and the language thereafter is the greatest boon to the mankind.  Words are the medium of acquiring knowledge, fulfilling our daily needs and affairs.  Every language has its own beauty which is revealed in the culture of every society.
India has 
8177661078 Patrakaritechi Multatwe  Through this book, we have tried to find out answers to a few questions as mentioned below.
We are going to concentrate on the basic rules and doctrines in the field of journalism.  For example, we need to question 'what is a news?'  This one question w
8177664220 Vasturahasya    The sub-branches of science are the structure of a building, luck, astrology, music and ayurveda.  The saints and holy teachers have constructed the sciences with just one intention that everybody should be happy.  The sciences have conquered the skies Marathi
9788177668162 Vastu Ajit  What does this guide contain?  It has information related to architect from all the holy books of all religions; the four "vedas', the eighteen "purane', the "Quran', and the "Bible'.  It has solution for all the problems while building an infrastructure Marathi
8177661302 Vaidnyanik Khelani  There are many children who want to do something, but many a times it becomes difficult for the parents as well as the children to understand what this something is.  They are confused.  This book will be an excellent guide for such children.  The scient Marathi
Chandatun Vidnyan  Science is a compulsory subject in today's education system.   But many a times we find that children are not able to grasp it properly.  What is the reason behind this?  We teach science through books.  Children do not get a chance to learn it through e Marathi
Khelanich Khelani Marathi
Phakta Khelnyasathi  The new wave in the education system gives equal importance to learning science along with reading, writing and mathematics.  General science is not a difficult subject to understand if combined with experiments and allowing the children to perform them. Marathi
9788184980516 Khelani Vidnyanachi  Mr. Itokar has developed and designed this book especially to train the young minds in the field of science and to make them aware of the various theories of science in a stress free environment.
It is really going to be a wonderful experiment for the 
Vidnyan Gamati  The main concept behind this book is to create awareness about science, to make everyone curious about science. 
The practicals suggested in this book are very simple and can be done by the kids.
You need not buy any scientific apparatus to conduct th
817766381X Vidnyan Jamati  This book is also based on creating awareness about the simple principles in science.  This book is divided into two parts, one in 'Jamati' and the other is Gamati.  The practicals mentioned here can be performed at home, some supervision is welcome.  Bu Marathi
Chala Prayog, Karu ya!- Urja Marathi
Chala, Prayog Karu ya!- Ushnata Marathi
Chala Prayog Karu Ya! Anna Marathi
Chala Prayog, Karu ya!- Paristhithishastra Marathi
Chala Prayog, Karu ya!- Rasayne Marathi
Chala Prayog, Karu ya!- Hawa Marathi
Chala Prayog, Karu ya!- Padarth Marathi
Chala Prayog Karu Ya! Avakash Marathi
Chala Prayog, Karu ya!- Hawasthithi Marathi
Chala Prayog, Karu ya!- Gati :Challan Marathi
Chala Prayog, Karu ya!- Dhwani Marathi
Chala Prayog, Karu ya!- Mojmape Marathi
Vachnatoon Vidnyan  When is an intelligent man converted into scientist?  The answer is simple.  If an intelligent person has the habit of asking the reasons about the working of things around us and further if he has the ability to go to the base of each and everything, th Marathi
A to Z Vidnyan   In day-to-day life, we come across many words and definitions.  The students learn many theorems and observe many apparatus in their schools.  But, if we give it a serious thought then we will realize that many of them are not fully aware of the meaning Marathi
Antarikshacha Vedh  "Science is an ongoing process.  It never ends."  Dr. Carl Sagam.  Man started his journey in this world, he explored seas, mountains, oceans, landforms, he explored everything that he came across.  He was eager to find out the secret of this universe, t Marathi
Katharupi Khagolshastra  From ancient times, the glittering stars in the heavens have intrigued man. After years of observation and study, he has tried to relate their shapes to different animals and objects and name them accordingly. The advanced studies in science and technolo Marathi
Tantradnyanachi Mulakshare   This book is a brief survey of man's efforts to make life happier and more convenient. Besides fulfilling his basis needs such as food, shelter and clothing, man also invented and created innumerable articles which prove of great use in our day-to-day l Marathi
Mendu ani Vartan Marathi
Vayu Pradushan  Who is the creator of air pollution?  Who else, but the humans!  Man has the intense urge to rule over everybody and everything.  This desire makes him so blind that he wishes to rule over the earth and the nature.  Not only this, he interferes at all le Marathi
Jidnyasetun Vidnyan Marathi
Dev Che ! Pargrahavaril Antralveer Marathi
Khidkilahee Dole Aastat  Can the murderer be caught with proof one year after the murder?  Can the lives of thousands of innocent people be saved by decoding the message received by the super computer through e-mail?  Can a witness be available except the four suspects at the ti Marathi
Vidnyan Prapanch  Science is not something happening light years away from us, or which is totally absurd or abstruse, or which is impregnable.  It is not the explanation of things taking place on some another planet.  On the contrary, it is related to our day-to-day life Marathi
Drushtibhram  Science and technology are neither moral nor immoral.  They stand in between as neutral. 
Man learned to produce fire by the friction of flint stones, this was his first invention.  Later on, he used this fire to cook his food and years later he learnt
Karnapishachcha  This is a series of stories based on the idea that the police force and the scientist work together to investigate the crimes. Each story is different, each has a different set up, yet all the stories are related to Amritrao and Kaushik.
The salient fea
9788184981674 SUGRANICHE VIDNYAN The practice of cooking of food instead of eating it raw is considered to mark the beginning of cultural evolution of humankind. Not only did it enable him to eat kinds of foods that were inedible before but it also provided him with food security. The peripatetic lifestyle he had to adopt as a hunter gatherer could now be abandoned and humans could now settle down at one place. The leisure time also opened new vistas for creative pursuits. Marathi
8177664123 Nostrademaschi Bhavishyavani   Cooking is also part digestion outside the body. Various processes that constitute cooking involves a number of physical, chemical as well as biochemical reactions. But housewives who routinely carry out these reactions in a perfect manner are unaware of the scientific foundations underlying them. The first and foremost process consists of heating raw food. However, this imparting of heat involves different modes of heat transfer like conduction, convection and radiation. Each has certain advantages and limitations. Better understanding of these would empower the housewife and enable her to choose the optimum one. There are many other physical and chemical principles like solubility of materials, miscibility of liquids, means of retaining natural colour of foods, measuring the sweetness of sugar and pungency of chillies that play a crucial role in making a dish delectable. These facets of cooking are discussed in the book in a story book format that demystifies the underpinning science and helps better understanding.   Marathi
Pruthvivar Manus Uparach !  God  are literally the astronauts in the spaceships.  Thousands of years back they reached the earth, created a new species and named it 'human being.' 
After that they started modifying this process by reappearing on the earth after every 37 thousand 
Adnytache Vidnyan  Dr. Nadkarni is a multidimensional versatile personality.  He has a command over literature, music, art, science, sports, and poetry.
He is a perfect combination of diligence and discernment.
His writing reveals all his peculiarities making it unique.
Premacha Renu  Dr. Sanjay Dhole is a firm believer that science-based stories should be entertaining as well as informative, at the same time, they should have the caliber to awake the social mind, he proves true to his beliefs. 
He has very well succeeded in making 
9788184981742 ASHMAJEEV Marathi
Kalpit Akalpit  A human mind is always attracted towards the astonishing super natural powers, and impenetrable mysteries.  It is true that science shades light on many of these so called mysteries, but at the same time we should not ignore that the fact modern science  Marathi
Asmani   Asmani, which literally means "from the sky' ,is a collection of thirteen Science Fiction stories by renowned writer Shubhada Gogate. The stories cover various subjects like space travel, genetic engineering, aliens,robotics, time travel etc. They tell  Marathi
Vasudeve Nela Krishna  Science fiction is no more a novel type in Marathi literature. Many have used this format to entertain the readers. Now this type has gained some name and fame in the field of literature. This type gives an opportunity to the inquisitive human mind to tr Marathi
Manjrachi Savali  Manoj entered Sudhira's room along with Nemade. Sudhira was sitting on her cot. As Manoj and Nemade entered the room, Sudhira turned to them and looked at them. Manoj was shocked as he realised that Sudhira's eyes revealed no sensation at all. On the con Marathi
Vishavalli  Everyone started beating him, ruthlessly, as hard as possible, taking out all their anger upon him.  They dragged his limp body towards the bungalow, they left him in his half-died state on the stairs there.  Finally, when he regained consciousness, he w Marathi
Planchet  A long journey between birth and death; everyone has been a voyager during this journey.  Many a times, man comes across something mystic during this journey.  But the really mystery lies in the journey before birth and after death.  Man has always been  Marathi
Ghar   An award winning anthology of short stories by Shubhada Gogate.

"Ghar' is an anthology containing 5 stories, includung one with the same name, of paranormal happenings and in some cases the reasons behind such happenings. Some are beyond scientific 
817662414 Shetkaryacha Assud   This is a wonderful meteor invented by Mahatma Jotirao Phule.  He does not feel that the whip a farmer carries to control his livestock should be limited to this purpose. On the contrary, he feels that it should be used to overcome all the injustice the Marathi
8177664417 Adhunik Draksha Lagwad  This is actually a practical journal based on the various practicals by the grape vineries during the last 25 years or so all over Maharashtra.
Till today, this topic of grape vinery has been discussed in more than 500 seminars.  If one really wants to 
8177660675 Vipulach Srushti  Many think that modern science is some very expensive business.  On the contrary, in relation with the agriculture modernization means understanding the secrets of nature and using them for the best benefit, while increasing the yield of the nature and a Marathi
8177662686 Kelyane Hota Ahe Re Marathi
8177662449 Plenty for all  This is a book one of its own kind, dedicated to the mother earth.  It evolves and establishes a non-structural approach for all sides, development in the neighbourhood through its grass-root networking, demystification of latest knowledge and new though Marathi
8177662694 Sundar Aapli Phulbaug  The prices of land have touched the skies on one side and on the other the skyscrapers are competing the skies in big cities.  Bungalow is still a dream while the ownership flats are the fact.  No one has a perfect idea about gardening in house or on the Marathi
8177666819 Sundar Aapli Phalbaug   It is very essential to pursue a hobby.  Hobby gives us pleasure, happiness which later leads into initiatives. 
Gardening is one such hobby.  If there is free land available around your bungalow or the society where you live then use this land and tu
8177661264 Sheti Karu Phaydyachi  Farming is a science; if we practice it scientifically then it will always give good results.
Indian farming is dependent upon the rain and the weather conditions.  We have tried to handle all the topics related to farming right from ploughing to storin
8177666803 Bonsai  Can we plant the auspicious banyan tree in house?  A few years back, people would have laughed over this idea, but the art of Bonsai found by the Chinese and nurtured by the Japanese had made it possible.  Through this art we can raise the various plants Marathi
8177663658 Gharatil Baug  Everyone finds happiness in the colourful flowers, a fully blossomed tree, and a plant with colourful leaves.  There is hardly anyone who is not fond of plants, who does not find happiness in the company of plants.  But still, these days the situation is Marathi
Sundar Aapla Ropmala     Marathi
817766753x India In Slow Motion   Mark Tully worked as the representative of BBC in India for more than 30 years.  During this period, he understood that India's progress has a big hurdle, the worst government administration.  Ayodhya episode revealed for the first time the forbearing a Marathi
8177667742 Governance  The working of Government is just a paper work, or it remains limited to registering things, the rules get entangled within the rules itself, the committees which were originally formed to resolve problems become problems themselves, the very very import Marathi
Informed essays on Ind-Pakistan relations, Study of communalism, highly critical of Indian foreign policy and alleged Islamic extremism. by a prominent Indian writer and politician Marathi
8171617468 Freedom at Midnight This book is an account of the year 1947 in context to the freedom of India from the British Raj. It opens on New Year's Day, 1947, London and takes the reader on a journey of significant events that lead to the independence of India. On the way, the reader is introduced to many brilliant characters who shaped up the history in that part of the world and have since left their mark that is still evident. The decisions made by these people defined the future of millions of people.

8177667157 Pune Te Pantapradhananche Karyalaya Marathi
8177667335 Laukik  I have been working as a journalist since last 38 years.  This whole period is a mixture of sweet and sour memories and experiences.  As a journalist you come into contact with many people, which is inevitable.  It is not possible to read or judge each a Marathi
9788177668346 Na Jalsa Na Jallosh  We all celebrated 15th August 1947 with beating the drums and cymbals.  But during these 60 years the rhythm of independence seems to be lost.  Today, we compare India's situation with that during the 1947.  We conveniently forget that most of the nation Marathi
9788177668551 ISI Chaya Karwaya  Inter Services Intelligence of Pakistan and its activities By Padma Sharma:
The relation between India and Pakistan is a subject which always raises curiosity in Indian minds. 
You will come across the propagation of ISI, Pakistan, their activities, t
9788177669701 Pahili Pheri  "Yashwantrao is an excellent strategist and a profound thinker...' Dr. Manmohan Singh.
Yashwantrao Chavan has noted the details of the war between India and Pakistan in the year September 1965 in his diary.
He accepted the Ministry of Defence after the
9788184981124 JINNAH Marathi
8177662368 Digvijay     Mr. Rajendra Kher
Mr. B.D. Kher and his son Mr. Rajendra Kher have jointly written the novel "DIGVIJAY". It is a biographical novel. "DIGVIJAY" means 'worldwide victory'. It depicts the life and mission of Napoleon Bonapart, the first emperor of the 
8177662503 Chanakya  This is a true story of a strategist, born some 2400 years ago.  During that period, India was ruled by many small independent states.  But there was no harmony amongst them.  There were continuous period of unrest and war between them.  The Greek genera Marathi
Aabhalzunj  This is a story of the displacement and the horrors it causes. Generally, when a dam is built, much is said in favour of it; the advantages are high-lighted, but at the same time, very less is said about the people who are going to suffer the most, their Marathi
8177664557 Karmayogini  She was a much ignored patriot of Indian glory;
She was a picture of perfect valour.
She had a masculine nature, striving hard throughout.
She was pure kindness, compassion.
She was mother earth, loving this land of India.
8177667386 College  'This college has adapted the policy of use and throw.  I am suppose to take the responsibility of setting up a department, establishing it, work very hard for it, and then someone comes through the back doors, quietly, with a mask of fake modesty, of be Marathi
9788177669558 Manasi  What did my love give me?  Only anguish and pain…?
Osmond sings a song which starts as, 'Love in only for today'; how true it is.  Love is always only for today, for this moment.  We must live it.  This might be true, but I never understood it.  I alway
8171618812 Mahatma : Jyotirao Phule  It is indeed a herculean task to write a biography. The writer should possess the qualities of a novelist and a biographer too. The biographer mainly has a mind that of a researcher, at the same time, he is a collector of things. A novelist mainly works  Marathi
9788177669879 Virus  Oh Professor!  A virus sometimes corrupts not just one or two programmes of the computer; it corrupts the complete system of the computer.  Similarly, there are one more viruses like it.  It may invade from outside or  it may be present inside the system Marathi
8177666878 Chaundka  This novel represents the saddening story of the 'devdasi' tribe.  What is a devdasi?  It is a tradition created by people with evil intentions for their own benefits.  She is a victim to misconceptions, wrong traditions, so called religion, all created  Marathi
8177660632 BhandarBhog  'Devdasi', a prey fallen to the traditions and culture.  But there is one more prey fallen to these hideous traditions, 'jogtya', his life is worse than that of a 'devdasi'.  We come many such 'jogte' in the rural areas who have been offered to the gods. Marathi
8177660365 Teen Dagdachi Chool  Vimal More is born in the 'gondhali' tribe, one of the nomadic tribes.  This tribe lives under the dominance of blind faith, superstition, and is very orthodox.  She has presented her autobiography in the form of 'Teen Dagdanchi Chool', which has in turn Marathi
Bochaka Marathi
Gatul Marathi
8177664867 Nishparn Vrukshawar Bhar Dupari  This novel was published in 1970.  It is based on the unemployment in the lives of the highly educated youth at that time. It revealed the hideous truth in their lives. This novel created havoc in the Marathi literature.  It faced immense criticism and a Marathi
8177667955 Haddapar  There was once a lady,
Her husband, her children were everything for her, they were her world,
And one day, she comes to know that she is banished from her world.
This gives rise to a struggle, a fight, a search for her own identity. 
The story of e
8177667971 Market  Mrs. Kelkar was on her third peg by the time Mr. Kelkar finished his story.  She gazed at her husband and warned him, 'Mr. Kelkar, I must get fifty thousand from the amount of one lac rupees.  After all Tanuja was my daughter too.'
This is a story of ch
9788177668513 Ittivrutta  An ambitious editor, ready to accept challenges; a corrupted Chief Minister; a member of Parliament striving hard for a change in leadership, and the owner with his measured and calculated steps; a fast moving novel with a perfect combination a little bi Marathi
9788177668476 Software  The author has always successfully attempted to review the changing situations of our society.  We are living in an era where the industrialization is changing not only the surroundings but also our mentalities.  There are good and bad sides to these cha Marathi
8177666460 Mohini  This is a story of a mentally ill patient.  The treatment which such patients receive from the society makes her more ill, mentally.  The author has tried a very different subject through this book. Not much is written with a mental patient as the main c Marathi
817766784X Blackbird  A tale about a tale which was not a tale or a tale within a tale of an emotional tale.
A tale about a man obsessed with his goals, his triumphs and his evental decadence. Blackbird might not be a tempest of emotions, it night not depict cut throat compe
9788177668865 Trikon   Naina is beautiful, ambitious and adventurous. As a small town journalist from Jhalawar, she rushes to Delhi to join her love Abhay defying her parents. Lucky to find a job in a daily, her life gets busier. At a press conference on Earth Summit, to be h Marathi
9788177668575 Sanhar  Adolf Hitler, the German, had only one ambition; he wanted to kill all the Jews.  This was his dream and Colonel Rudolph Reichmann helped him to bring it into reality.  He innovated various methods to torture the Jews.  He killed them not with one blow b Marathi
9788184981605 UDHVASTA Marathi
9788177669916 Operation Molasis   An Indian Scientist in America involved in the preparation of a very highly explosive and dangerous element discovers that Indian shores are being targeted to dump nuclear wastes and sends a message to his sister in India about the same in the code know Marathi
9788177669473 Sandha Badaltana  "Saandha Badalatana' literally means -while changing tracks. This is the story of the birth of the   first "Princely State railway' in India and the upheaval in the then "Princely State of Baroda'. Just as there is noise, friction and uneven movement whe Marathi
9788177669855 Parshudhari Parshuram    About the Author :- Sudhakar Shukla, a retired school teacher, has written this biographical novel. He is a prolific author. Forty stories as well as eight novels are to his credit. His novels are mainly based on the sources from the great Indian epics Marathi
9788177669787 Samradynee  'Listen Aishwarya, the way I am is neither the one which people think to be ambitious nor I am having any interest in being so.  I do not know about others, but I do not like the attitude of getting my hands on all the things that come across my way or p Marathi
9788177669961 Jalat Sodlele Dive  
'Jalat  Sodalele  Dive' is wonderful, short but sweet novel written by Mrs. Archana Vartikar. The title means 'the lamps left in the stream of water'. While drifting away on water, some of them get drowned and some are blown out by the wind. Some of t
9788190734417 Avshesh   A terrorist goes to a selected target place as a human bomb, still he cannot decide the perfect timing of death.  In this voyage of life, we cannot predict who will follow whom during the birth and death processes.  We cannot guarantee anyone's presence Marathi
9788184980844 Shalya  The weather was cloudy. It was drizzling everywhere. The grass had grown very tall, it was reaching up to the waist. A woman was running along the trail, her long hair tied in a plait. A robust, dark man was following her. He was trying to catch her. In  Marathi
9788184980936 Prasthan  In every mind itself is the great Himalayas and the blustering storm. The happiness and the sadness both attack you like a storm. They shred your personality into pieces. But Pranav, just remember well, when the ship gets caught into a storm, if the capt Marathi
978884982145 YOUTHNESHIA Marathi
9788184982350 NILANGINI Marathi
9788184982091 LOCAL MAZHI SAKHI Marathi
8177665332 Bhartiya Shilpvaibhav Prachin - Madhyayugin  Dr. Deshpande has introduced a few selected sculptures representing the ancient Indian art.  The work included here is right from the Greek-Roman sculptures to the unique feature of Indian style in detail.  He also takes a review of the styles and progre Marathi
9788184981744 SOOD Marathi
9788194982084 ASMITA Marathi
9788184981964 JOHAR MAIBAAP JOHAR Marathi
8177666339 Verul Lenyatil Shilpavaibhav  The book 'Verul Lenyatil Shilp Vaibhav' is based on the research work on the sculptures of Ellora.
The magnificent group of rock cut caves or the rock  temples at Ellora represent three different faiths. Buddhisim, Hinduism and Jainism. It marks the fin
8177661442 Malangatha : Bhag 2  The early morning hours in the small village in the midst of the hills and mountains.  All the houses lost in the sweet dreams at those early hours, with just some candle light in the 'padwee' or 'osari'; in that dim light is sitting Malan, near the ston Marathi
8177662740 Mrudgandh  An author has freely expressed his feelings for Indira Sant in the following words.
'I myself have handled creative writing in my 'Tokonoma', Heervi Mane', and 'Chivarichi Phule'; I am proud of my work.
Yet, I truly feel that I would never be able to w
8177667351 Pasang  'Paasang' in Marathi has a definite meaning. It is actually the small weight which balances between the two sides of a weighing scale.  Generally, it is used to show the minuteness of a thing.
I was involved in Ambedkar Movement since my young age.  I h
8171618685 Jaglya  There is no similarity in the urban and rural life.  This makes life more miserable.  The story of Hari and Shankar took place in a city.  A new city like the MIDC is planned.  Tall buildings are being built.  New residents are coming to reside in every  Marathi
8177663720 Life Style  This is a unique collection based on the interviews of the most prominent figures in Maharashtra working in the cultural, social and political sectors, a few to name are classical music, drawing, drama, photography, columnist, literature, art, sports, in Marathi
8177666959 Shelka Saj  This is a collection of creative writing  from the author of the best seller, 'Mritinjaya'.
Sawant has a very limited collection of stories to his credit.  Yet, all these stories are unique, they all are different from one another.  They reveal the secr
817766073X Kanchankan  'Kanchan' in Marathi means gold.  This collection is named so as it consists of many gold moments woven together in the artistic style by Shivaji Sawant. 
He touches very gently the tenderest and peculiar moments of the lives of Chaatrapati Shivaji Mah
8177665723 Swapni Je Dekhile  We dream when we sleep during the night.  The world of dreams is astonishing, mysterious. When man was born he brought dreams with him, dreams to make him pass through the night.  This journey has been going on since thousands of years and is going to co Marathi
8177665715 Chittachitre  We are always curious to find about the dreams we see every night.  The images we see in our dreams arose many questions in our minds.  We do not necessarily get answers to all these questions.  When the night comes, it brings more dreams with it.  Then  Marathi
9788177667882 Maitra Jivache  There is a wide range of personalities across the world. No person resembles other perfectly.  Yet, the human mind with all its curves and notches is a magnificent sculptor.
A doctor mostly comes across the physically sick person; still he gets glimpses
9788184981599 JANMATHEP Marathi
817766462X Ya Sukhano   Human life is full of various feelings like love, hatred, happiness, sorrow, jealousy, criticism, praise, deformities, intelligence, beauty and so many other things.  The articles in this book mainly reveal the facts and factors behind these while they  Marathi
9788177669541 Swargangechya Kathawarti  Shri Sadanand Gokhale is a well known story writer of Marathi Literature.
He also writes about films personalities, directors, composers and male-female singers in playback world.
His new book Swaragangechya Kathavarati is about playback singers of yes
9788177669589 Geet Krushnayan  Yogeshwar Krishna; symbol of success, health, happiness, and content.  He is the true happiness.  Geetkrishnayan is an attempt to reveal his magnificent personality, his glorious character and his guiding preaching; in a simple yet entertaining manner fo Marathi
9788190779104 He Bandha Purane  These are ties, but not prohibitions by the time, the physical boundaries, the expected or unexpected changes on the political front. Today,  after six decades these ties still do not appear to be worn out, that means they have proved to be true, touchin Marathi
9788190779180 Popcorn  Today, we do not realize that how fast we have adopted the new style of speaking; constantly and without realizing we are using the words borrowed from the Bollywood.  Both the Bollywood and the Hollywood has been imprinted on our minds unconsciously.  O Marathi
9788184981834 EK DIVAS Marathi
9788184982138 SPARSH Marathi
Vital Marathi
Chawadi Marathi
8177661922 Rivnavayli Mungi  This is a collection of the selected stories by Rajan Gavas.  They are very unique in their style and presentation.  They reveal the sincerity and sensitivity of the author.
All these stories are wrapped in the traditional settings of literature.  The f
9788184980226 Apan Mansat Jama Nahi  The stories by Rajan Gavas have the new dimensions of the 80s.  They express the new mode in women's lives.  They reveal the changes in the thoughts and expressions in their lives. Most of his stories have the rural background and while creating the pict Marathi
8177664069 Igin  The stories by Mahadev More highlight the lives of the down-trodden, of the lowest lower class.  Some of them have a serious approach while some reflect humour.  On the outskirts of the very few middle class people lays the vase universe of the workers,  Marathi
9788177669022 Mattir  The author has given his contribution towards the rural, dalit and urban literature.  Still, his preference is without doubt to the down-trodden.  He presents their picture with perfection and a great concern.  Years before the word 'dalit literature' wa Marathi
9788190779128 Chitak  There is a whole world out; not of the so called literate and middle class people but of those who are down trodden, there are farmers, workers, labourers, drivers, cleaners, mechanic, prostitutes...; they all leave with their insults, their poverty, and Marathi
8177664751 Samaksha   In reality it is very difficult to live our life as and how we wish to.  We do not seem to have any rights about our own life at times.  We should have a right to live our life as we wish, oh! How justified and grand this sounds to be.  But in reality,  Marathi
8177661906 Uttarardh  The fourth and final stage in everyone's life is 'vanprasthashram', meaning retirement.  All the stories are based on this concept.  Every story has a different set of feelings which enlightens the characters, environment, the style of compeering, langua Marathi
8177666185 Gol Gol Rani   Our surroundings and the happenings in them are pictured through the stories in this book. 
Malvika, whose life is shattered because of the blank calls, Rohan who is stuck in the web of pyramid marketing, mom who is sacrificing everything just for pap
8177667831 Celebration  Nature gives us happiness, nature gives us calamities.  What is important among these two?  Actually, nothing is important but the nature.  The drama on the earth has been going on since eras, with the nature as the only witness.  Everyone participating  Marathi
9788177669770 Kalakabhinna  Birth of a human is through the darkest tunnel; he comes out through the womb and cries for the first time, he takes entry into the world.  He finds company of mother-father, relatives, friends, colleagues, and so many others.  His life blossoms from all Marathi
9788177668216 Third Person  The story of Yashodhara does not appear in the recognized form of literature.  It appears in the most fresh manner, through the soul.   It moves forward with the natural speed and natural happenings.
Two characters in the story come face to face and a d
9788177668117 Vimukta  Satya was disturbed.  He felt that Dhamnya had insulted the 'panchayat'.  All the people gathered there were murmuring among themselves.  The women and the kids were giving horrible looks to Lachchi, as if she was a vamp. But Lachchi was looking satisfie Marathi
9788177668926 Sahajtechya Trasachi Suruvat  Those who can see me may find me frozen.
Women and cigarettes...on the top of it, my wife!
Oh God!  How much should I curse now?  I sit ideally for some time, then taking my own time I come out of my frozen state and ask myself, Why I am taking it so s
9788190734479 Jyacha Tyacha  A unique piece of stories, searching a new horizon; discarding the worn out pathways, the usual turns and hideouts, the typical formats.  Away from the rules and regulations, something stunning, keeping you mesmerized, making you introvert.  A collection Marathi
9788190734486 Aasud  This collection of short stories presents the insight of the author for the farm and the farmers in the first decade of the 21st century. 
All the stories are based on farming and farmers but each gives a new dimension to their struggle.  These stories
9788190734400 Andhala Nyay  These are the fascinating and thrilling stories of the crimes and the investigations thereafter by A.C.P. Nikhil Sane and his colleagues.  Their dynamic way of investigation, their perseverance, their ability to reach the core of the crime, will keep the Marathi
9788190779166 Prakashachi Zade  The author has taken a perfect aim of the wildness of the human being with its several aspects. 
We come across people who are living very primitively.  People, who are still surviving on the raw meat, people who are leading their lives amongst such pr
9788184980103 Akashavedh        Marathi
9788184980394 Keval Maitrisathi   What is the biggest treasure that a human being has?  Oh! Not the worldly riches, but the experiences during the journey of life.  A person of any caste, religion, nation, designation has one thing in common with everybody; the experiences lingering in  Marathi
9788184982152 DARPANI PAHATA ROOP Marathi
Karar Eka Taryashi : Kusumagraj Marathi
Kondwada Marathi
Pani Kuthawar Aala Ga Bai Marathi
8177662066 Pikpani  The poetry here has the capacity to bring the fragrance of the black soil after the first rains.  The poems describe various feelings of the human mind, some are based on the happiest thoughts while some reveal the gloominess of life.  Every poem has fir Marathi
8171615279 Shadyandtra  This is a unique collection based on the interviews of the most prominent figures in Maharashtra working in the cultural, social and political sectors, a few to name are classical music, drawing, drama, photography, columnist, literature, art, sports, in Marathi
817766199X Kalokh Deta Hunkar..!  Birth and death are the two ends of life; during this vast journey we build many a bridges, according to our capacity and our needs.  Sometimes, the hunger which is the basic need of a living things, gives us strength to erect stronger foundations otherw Marathi
8177661981 Nishpap Marathi
8171619142 Bhairavi  Bhairavi is one of the classical music "ragas', indicating the dawn.
One more family drama by Mr. Pardeshi, based on a middle class family and middle class mentality.
The family presented here has five main characters, the father, his two sons, one dau
817161969X Gaganbhedi  The characters of Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, and Liar are terrific but actually they are the tendencies as well as the states of mind.  One day, I realized that the one who possesses all these four states of mind will be removed from all pleasures of life Marathi
8177666614 Akheracha Sawal  Nandu, became a cancer patient at a very young age.  She was well aware of her disease, but she hides her sadness, she faces it bravely.  She accepts it gracefully.  She makes others happy, makes them smile.  Her mother who is a doctor herself realizes t Marathi
8171619746 Jithe  Gavatas Bhale Phutatat  Everyone is aware that these Marathas in the hilly regions of Maharashtra are very brave, no one has to teach them bravery, it is in their blood, genes, minds, and souls.  They will fight any calamity; they are no less in valour.  Every grass blade here  Marathi
8171619800 Premat Sagale Maf  "I am a weaponless, defenceless husband; I am captured in the vicious tongs of a ruthless woman.  I am stuck up to my neck. If this news reaches my house, then it will surely cause hell at my house.  I just cannot imagine its consequences.  My wife will  Marathi
8177665448 Dakshinayan : Keap Horn Te Karibiyan  Our old "Upnishadas' have said that if you want to know your fortune, be familiar with it then keep walking.  Your walk will make your fortune walk with you.  Aadi Shankaracharya, Siddhartha Gautam, Vardhaman Mahavir, Guru Nanak, and in the later years M Marathi
8177661868 Easy English Grammar And Composition Marathi
8177662708 Fifty Essays Marathi
8177665162 A Methodical English Grammar           Marathi
8177660942 Marathiche  Vyakaran  Language is in fact a style; all the units of language behave in the set pattern.  The rules of language remain unchanged; they all are a part of a system.  The sounds and meanings of the language are one of the parts of this system.  The main purpose of Marathi
8177660683 Marathi Vyakaran Parichay  Grammar is the core of a language; it is the foundation of the language.  Hence a student of Marathi language must know the basic principles and its scientific analysis.  To do so, a student has to go through many books which he might find lengthy and bo Marathi
9788177668322 Bhashashastra Parichay  This book has discussed a few problems based on the language and the science of language, especially in Marathi.  Readers will find the discussions based on the language and its science very useful.  The author has also revealed the opinions of many scho Marathi
Marathi  Lekhan Darshan  Writing is a medium to present our soul.  Language is used to convey our feelings and thoughts to others. The main aim behind the study of a language is to gain mastery over presenting ourselves properly and accurately.
The manifestation of self should 
8177662147 Marathi Nibandha Jyoti  If you want to gain mastery over a language then you need to develop your writing skills.  It is become one of the most important skills in the progress of a language.  Writing is as important as oration, both revealing the true self.  Writing enables us Marathi
8177666630 Dnyanada Nibandmala Marathi
8171613126 Ekanathachi Nivdak Bharude  This is just a sample of the "Bharude' by Saint Eknath.  The study of these "bharuds' help a person to understand the contemporary situation during those days, not only outwardly but also inwardly.  They present a perfect picture of not only the minds an Marathi
8177665855 Shri. Dyaneshwari Adyay 1 Marathi
9788190779142 Marathi Bhasha Udagam Va Vikas  Marathi language came into existence during 500 A.D to 700 A.D. it evolved thereafter; it is a combination of all the Prakrit languages but mostly Maharashtriyan language and the corrupted form of many language 
It is believed that the evolution in the
8177661213 Gazal  What is exactly an 'urdu gajal'?   What are its salient features?  How is it formed?  What are the aspects which make it so beautiful?  What are the changes that took place during these 150 years in its core?  What is its nature?  Who are the main sculpt Marathi
8177667823 Jagatik Arthavyavastha  Today, when we have entered the 21st century, globalization has brought us much closer making everyone aware of the facts all over the world and calling for reactions.  These reactions may be direct or indirect.  But not everyone understands this.  In th Marathi
8177665561 Chatur Bokoba Ani itar Katha Marathi
817766557X Nashibwan Shekhar Ani Eatar Katha Marathi
817766672X Lokhand Khanare Undir Ani Itar Katha Marathi
8177665596 Suntha Biskitacha Manus Ani Eatar Katha Marathi
9788177668131 Hastidanti Chhadi Ani Goshti Deshodeshichya Marathi
9788177668124 Lailacha Diva Ani Goshti Deshodeshichya Marathi
9788177668148 Suryachi Chori Ani Goshti Deshodeshichya Marathi
8177665545 Nidrarani Ani Eatar Katha Marathi
8177665588 Jaducha Kheerpatra Ani Eatar Katha Marathi
8177665553 Timbak Too Ani Eatar Katha Marathi
8177665812 Gammat Goshti Marathi
8177665812 Dhamal Goshti Marathi
8177665804 Majedar Lokkatha Marathi
8177665839 Aadarsh lokkatha           Marathi
8177666851 Rajacha Gupit Ani Itar Katha Marathi
817766686X Dhum Dhum Dhumak Dhum Ani Itar Katha Marathi
8177667629 Sonyacha Paus Ani Majedar Goshti Marathi
8177667610 Draganche Ghar Ani Majedar Goshti Marathi
8177666029 Budabudyanche Viman Ani Itar Goshti Marathi
8177665995 Chalnara Himputala Ani Etar Goshti Marathi
8177666002 Chhotusa Pandara Sasukla Ani Etar Goshti Marathi
8177666010 Chhotu Killiwala Undir Ani Etar Goshti Marathi
Cindrella ani etar Katha Marathi
Gampu Chimpu ani etar Katha Marathi
8177666703 Maitriche Mol Ani Itar Katha Marathi
8177667637 Gharichi Chalakhi Ani Masta Masta Goshti Marathi
8177667645 Garvishtha Ghoda Ani Masta Masta Goshti Marathi
8177667300 Badkache boot Ani Gammat Goshti Marathi
8177667319 Garvishtha Suryaphul Ani Gammat Goshti Marathi
8177667254 Bantu Basla Dhagat Ani Etar Katha Marathi
8177667262 Bantucha TikTik Mitra Ani Etar Katha Marathi
8177667726 Ghadyalatil Kokila Ani Gadbad Goshti Marathi
817766770X Aswalachi Shepti Ani Gadbad Goshti Marathi
8177667734 Khatyal Khalashi Ani Gadbad Goshti Marathi
8177667785 Jaducha Button Ani Itar Goshti Marathi
8177667769 Jaducha Rubber Ani Itar Goshti Marathi
8177667777 Jaducha Tala Ani Itar Goshti Marathi
9788177669664 Goshti Panopani Marathi
9788177669794 Goshti Manomani Marathi
9788177669800 Goshti Kanokani Marathi
9788184980240 Franklin Ani Dantpari Marathi
9788184980240 Franklin Thaap Marto Marathi
9788184980240 Franklin Ani Andhargudup Marathi
9788184980240 Franklinchi Dadagiri Marathi
9788184980240 Franklin Haravato Marathi
9788184980240 Franklincha Pasara Marathi
9788184980240 Franklin Ani Football Spardha Marathi
9788184980240 Franklin Ani Paliv Prani Marathi
9788184980240 Chal, Aatap Lavkar, Franklin Marathi
9788184980240 FRANKLINCHA PANGHRUN Marathi
9788184980240 FRANKLINCHA VAIT DIWAS Marathi
9788184980240 FRANKLINCHA NAVA MITRA Marathi
9788184980240 FRANKLIN ANI VADALI PAUS Marathi
9788184980240 FRANKLIN ANI SAN Marathi
9788184980240 FRANKLIN SHALET JATO Marathi
9788184980240 FRANKLIN CYCLE CHALAVTO Marathi
9788184980905 Jaducha Angarkha Ani Majedar Goshti Marathi
9788184980905 Pinu-Chuinuchi Chatruai Ani Majedar Goshti Marathi
9788184980905 Patangachi Karamat Ani Majedar Goshti Marathi
9788184980905 Chalnare Boot Ani Majedar Goshti Marathi
8177663968 Panchatantratil Manoranjak Goshti Marathi
8177663976 Panchatantratil Rochak Goshti Marathi
8177663984 Panchatantratil Prerak Goshti Marathi
8177663992 Panchatantratil Bodhprad Goshti Marathi
8171619835 Hitopadesh : Bodhprad katha Marathi
8171619819 Hitopadesh : Manoranjak katha Marathi
8171619827 Hitopadesh : Prerak katha Marathi
8171619843 Hitopadesh : Rochak katha Marathi
9788177668261 Jatak Katha : Manoranjak Marathi
9788177668254 Jatak Katha : Prerak Marathi
8177667890 Jatak Katha : Rochaak Marathi
8177667904 Jatak Katha : Shishkshaprad Marathi
8177660594 Shekhchilliche Kissae Marathi
8177665758 Manno Marathi
8177662104 Mothanchaya Chotya Goshti Marathi
8177667378 Ramjya Gamjya Ani Jammat Goshti Marathi
8177667440 Thakubai Thenge Ani Etar Goshti Marathi
8177667432 ButukBaingan Visarbhole Ani Jammat Goshti Marathi
9788177669329 BuddhimanTenaliram Marathi
9788177669428 JagavegalaTenaliram Marathi
Chatur Tenaliram Marathi
9788177669374 NyaypriyaTenaliram Marathi
9788177669404 SamaysuchakTenaliram Marathi
9788177669343 LadakaTenaliram Marathi
9788177669381 Prasangawadhani Tenaliram Marathi
9788177669350 NirbhayTenaliram Marathi
9788177669398 Rajyache BhushanTenaliram Marathi
9788177669336 Hajarjababi Tenaliram Marathi
9788184980134 Hushar Tenaliram Marathi
9788184980134 Vinodveer Tenaliram Marathi
9788184980134 Majedar Tenaliram Marathi
9788184980134 Paropkari Tenaliram Marathi
9788184980141 Champi Malish Ani Tha..Tha..Tha..! Marathi
9788184980141 Dandoba Raakshas Ani Gulgulit Maavshi Marathi
9788184980141 Gulachi dhep ani sarbat Marathi
9788184980141 Su Sutka Ani Rangeet Dongar Marathi
8177660993 Vinodveer Birbal Marathi
8177660977 Lajawab Birbal Marathi
8177660756 Buddhimaan Birbal Marathi
8177660985 Chatur Birbal Marathi
Sheptiwala Zad Ani Etar Katha Marathi
Sasulya Ani Etar Katha Marathi
817766722x Shur Sasoba Marathi
Chala Chaha Piuya! Ani Etar Katha Marathi
9788177669633 Chatrichi Jadu Ani Itar Katha Marathi
9788177669640 Zakpak Shodh ani Etar Katha Marathi
8177667815 Imani Mitra Ani Itar Goshti Marathi
8177667807 Panchrangi Khar Ani Etar Goshti Marathi
9788177669565 Jambhale Ambe Ani Jammat Goshti Marathi
9788177669572 Fattfajiti Ani Jammat Goshti Marathi
9788190757447 Gadhavacha Gana Ani Jammat Goshti Marathi
9788177669930 Sinhacha Uddan Ani Jammat Goshti Marathi
9788190757485 Soneri Choch Ani Jammat Goshti Marathi
9788190757478 Pintoo Pelikan Ani Jammat Goshti Marathi
9788190757492 Tallkha Moti  Ani Jammat Goshti Marathi
9788190757461 Laltondi Chor Ani Jammat Goshti Marathi
9788190757454 Untachi Maan Ani Jammat Goshti Marathi
9788184980349 Boom Boom Bail Ani Jammat Goshti Marathi
9788184980349 Teen Chote Mase Ani Jammat Goshti Marathi
9788177669169 Kasoti Ani Itar Katha Marathi
9788177669176 Satvapariksha Ani Itar Katha Marathi
9788177669053 Mahakavi Kalidas Ani Bodhkatha Marathi
9788177669060 Moh Ani Bodhkatha Marathi
9788177669077 Nyay Ani Bodhkatha Marathi
9788177669046 Budhiramacha Nyay Ani Chaturyakatha Marathi
9788177669039 Pradhanachi Nivad Ani Chaturya Katha Marathi
9788177669718 Vidnyan Navlai - Antaral Marathi
9788177669725 Vidnyan Navlai - Aaple Purvaj Marathi
9788177669732 Vidnyan Navlai - Bhugol Marathi
9788177669749 Vidnyan Navlai - Khagol Marathi
9788177669756 Vidnyan  Navlai - Pashu-Pakshi Marathi
9788177669763 Vidnyan Navlai - Pranijagat Marathi
Pralhad Marathi
Shri Ramachi Katha Marathi
Karna Marathi
81776625030 Chanakya Marathi
8177667114 Khara Mitra Ani Itar Katha Marathi
8177667084 Ekmeka Sahayya Karu Ani Itar Katha Marathi
8177667076 Aajicha Ghar Ani Itar Katha Marathi
8177667130 Patracha Pravas Ani Etar Katha Marathi
8177667122 Paij Jinkli Chotyane Ani Etar Katha Marathi
8177667149 Aajicha Dhada Ani Etar Katha Marathi
9788184980561 The Secret Seven Marathi
9788184980561 Secret Sevenchi Sahaci Mohim Marathi
9788184980561 Shabbas Secret Seven Marathi
9788184980561 Rahsyachya Magavar Secret Seven Marathi
9788184980561 Aage Badho Secret Seven Marathi
9788184980561 Secret Sevenchi Yashasvi Kamgiri Marathi
9788184980561 Secret Sevenchi Sarshi Marathi
9788184980561 Secret Seven Zindabad Marathi
9788184980561 Secret Seven Ani Rahasya Marathi
9788184980561 Secret Seven Samor Koda Marathi
9788184980561 Secret Sevenchi Atashbaji Marathi
9788184980561 Gunwan Secret Seven Marathi
9788184980561 Secret Sevenla Dhakka Marathi
9788184980561 Sawadhan Secret Seven Marathi
9788184980561 Secret Sevenchi Gammat Jammat Marathi
9788177668858 Dahashatiche Bet (Iwo Jimachi Ladhai) Marathi
9788177668841 Samrajyacha Padav (Midwaychi Ladhai) Marathi
Bhuvidnyan Vikas Marathi
Africa Marathi
Prakrutik Bhugol Marathi
12th Bhugol Marathi
Bharatacha Bhugol Marathi
8171614507 Bharatacha Bhugol B.A. Part I Marathi
8171619347 Paryatak Bhugol Marathi
Absorppion Spectroscupy of Organic Molecules English
Loneliness in Modern Ameriacan Poetry English
An Introduction to Linguistic Theories  English
9788184981544 Untouchable  English
Two on a Tower English
Poems English and American English
Indian English Poems English
Selected English Essays English
Understanding Poetry English


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